Internet Will Tell You

daycare kid

At lunch time, the kids I take care of often ask me to sing a song. It’s perfect actually, I’ve been training my whole life for my kitchen performances. They are thrilled to have me belting out songs in all my theatrical glory while they stuff quesadillas and apple slices into their faces. And I do everything I can to captivate them.

The problem is, I’m a little rusty on my tunes. I tend to navigate toward The Little Mermaid and Alanis Morissette and lately they’ve been requesting Rapunzel and Frozen.

Since I’ve only seen those movies once I just don’t have them memorized.

One of the daycare kids chimed in, “you gotta get da internet Miss Kaffy!”

And I was all, “What IS the internet even??”

And he was all, “Internet is when you don’t know what song you wanna sing and you just go on internet and it will tell you.”

He’s right. The Internet will tell you.

I’ve got to hand it to him…I certainly did not know what the internet was when I was four.

But maybe I can just bring The Lion King into the picture instead…I only know two lines from Frozen and I don’t think belting, “let it go…LET IT GO!” over and over again will really showcase my talent the way I’d like. Hakuna Matata on the otherhand, what a wonderful phrase!


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    When asked a question I don’t know the answer to, my 5 year old has taken to responding with, “just google it”….like i couldn’t come up with that bit of brilliance all on my own.

    And then just like that, I’ve been outsmarted by both my daughter AND the know-it-all Internet. One is bad enough, but both at the same time? Brutal.