Vlogging Workshop: Mod Podge Love


2.) Anything inspired by Valentine’s Day!

I think I have more fun with Valentine’s Day crafts than I do with any other holiday. Pink and chocolate, I can definitely stand behind celebrating those things. Today I’m sharing my attempt to mod podge love into my life and why I don’t actually recommend it. I also discuss a Valentine memory that left me a little bit jaded:

(video here)

If you haven’t seen Tamara discuss her life changing experience making a move toward accomplishing a dream of hers, definitely watch her video. She might be able to help you with your passion in life as well!:

(video here)

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It’s your turn!

Today’s prompts are:

1.) Draw My Life (I know some of you want to try this again!)
2.) Anything inspired by Valentine’s Day!
3.) January haul! Share your favorite things from January.
4.) Instagram? Vine? Create a mini video compilation highlighting your January!
5.) A trend from your high school days that you miss.

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Get a jump start on next week’s video! Here are the prompts next Wednesday’s Link up:

1.) Valentine inspired craft or recipe!
2.) Advice for the single gal on Valentine’s Day.
3.) A memorable Valentine’s Day!
4.) What will your kids be handing out?
5.) Other than your significant other or kids…who would you like to give a Valentine to?


  1. says

    Is it bad that I just completely cracked up at your heart-breaking story about Troy? And your attempt at these letters. We should get crafty together someday…

  2. says

    Maybe I could use that craft to occupy my children. hehehe
    And I figured out what happened with Troy! He liked you. Yup. 6th grade boys show love by being mean. He liked you.