See The Seahawks Win!

see the Seahawks win

We spent Sunday watching the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

It goes against my general rule of not caring about football at all ever, but I couldn’t help getting caught up in this one since we’re winning. I’ve never seen this city so enthusiastically and passionately bonded over one thing.

I’m a fan now.

But only if we keep winning.

Maybe I’ll even tailgate something next year.

Go Hawks!


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    Congrats to the Seahawks! It’s good to see different teams win and I always enjoy seeing the underdogs win! If the Browns ever won the super bowl, Cleveland would be over the top crazy, I know that! Good sports teams do tend to bond a city together.

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    I hear what you’re saying. I am not a fan of any sports, especially football…but I live in Pittsburgh. If we’re in the Superbowl, or Stanley Cup Championships (or whatever it’s called), or the World Series (hahahahahaha), then the city goes CRAZY. And I love team spirit, so I definitely get excited when we’re in the Superbowl. But I still never know who’s winning. Football confuses me.

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    I watch it for the commercials. The only reason I was rooting for Seattle is because I went to high school with one of their defensive people. It’s pretty exciting when you come from a town of 17,000.