Episode 35: DIY Sweater Mittens

sweater mittens

This week for my 35th episode at The Stir I got to test a pin I’ve been looking at for awhile, diy sweater mittens! Someone decided that you can actually up-cycle old sweaters by tracing the shape of a mitten around your hand on top of your sweater and after cutting the shape out you could sew it together for the final product. Other than the sewing part, I’d say I executed this pin perfectly.

The truth is, it does work! In theory. You really can end up with cute little mittens! However, I’m not convinced mine were actually going to stay in place on my hand that well. And maybe my sweater was too thin, but it most certainly was not going to keep my hands toasty in any way. But if you’re in the market for a fashionable piece of fabric to lay over top your hands while you steer or something…than YES, these are for you!

Click here to watch the full episode at The Stir, I had embedded the video, but for some reason it kept auto playing and it was driving me crazy.

Stay warm!