Vlogging Prompts For 02.19


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Here are the vlogging prompts for the Wednesday 02/19 Link up:

1.) Show us a hidden (or not so hidden) talent!
2.) Song you’re currently loving.
3.) Review something…anything.
4.) Try something you saw on Pinterest!
5.) YouTube Interview Tag as seen on The Mom Of Six Boys

Now go make that video!

1. How did it feel to make your first video?
2. Did you show anyone your first video before you uploaded it?
3. Do your friends and family know about your channel?
4. Are any of your friends and family subscribed to your channel?
5. Did anyone think you were crazy for being a “YouTuber”?
6. How and why did you choose your YT channel name?
7. What have you gained from being a YouTuber?
8. Are you interested in doing giveaways?
9. Do you allow subscribers to send you gifts?
10. How do your kids feel about their mom being on YouTube?
11. How do you choose your topics?
12. Would you consider collaborating with others to make videos?
13. Other than makeup and fashion, what do you like to watch on YouTube?
14. Have you ever uploaded the wrong video?
15. Which do you prefer? Filming alone, or filming with others in the room?
16. You don’t have to give names, but are there any YouTubers that just irk you? If so, what about them irks you?
17. What is some general advice you would give to someone wanting to start a channel?
18. Have you thought about transitioning from YouTube to your own website?
19. What are some opportunities that you have gotten because of YouTube?
20. When you first started, how did you get the word out that you were making videos? Did you just upload and hope for the best, or did you connect with fellow YouTubers?