Vlogging Workshop: Wreck This Journal

3.) Book review

The best kind of book review to do is at the actual bookstore without buying the actual book. You know the old saying, “always judge a book by it’s cover!”, I really try to apply that to my life as often as possible. As I flipped through the Wreck This Journal journal I realized it really was worth sharing. I have a feeling the book store I was filming in might see this video and actually hire me to work for them. I’m that good.:

(video here)

And I absolutely must feature Jendi this week! She took advantage of all the snow she’s receiving and put together an amazing music video. So adorable!:

(video here)

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It’s your turn!

Today’s prompts are:

1.) Free Day! Link up any video you haven’t previously shared in a Vlogging Workshop.
2.) Local fun? Capture some fun you had in your community recently.
3.) Book review
4.) How are you coping with winter?
5.) Your top 5! Share which celebrities you would put in your top 5 card if you had a top 5 card for celebrities.

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    1.) Create a mini video compilation highlighting your February!
    2.) February haul! Share your favorite things from February.
    3.) A video inspired by St. Patrick’s Day!
    4.) 20 Things you learned about…
    5.) Introduce us to a friend.


  1. says

    Jendi’s Marshmalllow World was so cute! I loved it! Thanks for highlighting it here so I didn’t miss it.

    That is just about the dumbest book I ever saw. Who would buy that?