Behind The Scenes Of Frozen

I’ve always been fascinated with animated movies. To be the voice of a character would be a dream!

After watching the movie together a number of times, the kids and I searched YouTube for behind the scenes of Frozen videos. We wanted to see what the actors and actresses looked like.

After watching Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana perform “Love Is An Open Door”:

I hunted down some scenes of the talent going over some of their lines, which I find fascinating to watch:

And of course the good looking couple lip syncing is a must watch. Their “Love Is An Open Door” rendition has garnered over 7 million views on YouTube:

And they followed that up with an equally entertaining rendition of “For The First Time In Forever”:

After all our video watching Laina was all, “will you look up Sven behind the scenes?”

And I was all, “Wait…wasn’t Sven…the reindeer?”

And she was all, “Yeah, but I want to see if they used a real reindeer or not.”

I’ll save you all the YouTube search, Sven does not have a behind the scenes video. It’s possible they just didn’t bring the cameras into the forest with them that day when they recorded his lines.


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    Maybe your daughter was channeling her inner Olaf and was referring to Kristoff as Sven?

    Also, I feel the need to make note that unlike the other 3 comments on this post, this is not as spam comment. Nevertheless, I do like your article ;)

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      Laughing at all the spam! I appreciate you authenticity. :)

      And yes, Laina definitely has an inner Olaf! lol

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    LOL! I will have to check all those out when I’m not at work. My kids have been watching Frozen a lot… I have yet to see it (shame, shame).

    PS, I’m back to the blogworld! :) Happy to “see” you!

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    Oh Frozen… one of my favorite movies! And no, this is not a spam either, i simply ran out of things to say other than I love that movie!! :)

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    I was there the night the “Love Is An Open Door” performance was recorded! Also look up Kristen Bell singing all the parts of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” and Josh Gad singing “In Summer” because they were both hilarious.

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    Thos lip-synchers are so good (looking)! I love those behind the scenes videos… it dawned on me that they repeat words to get the best take? I think I talk like that in real life…