Episode 40: Colorful Peep Topiary

My latest episode for Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge consisted of creating a colorful peep topiary! Flower pot, styrofoam balls, brightly colored marshmallow birds…this had all the elements of what should have been a magnificent piece of home decor.

Unfortunately, no.

This 100% did not work for me. I wish I could embed the video here so you can see this fail in action, but unless you can find a better way to secure your Peeps to their designated toothpicks it really does not work. You can view the entire episode at The Stir, but in the mean time I might encourage you to just eat your Peeps and continue using lollipops for your gorgeous topiary home decor.

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  1. says

    Ha, I have to say, though, you have had more than your fair share of wins. I wonder what would happen if you put all your toothpicks and your stake in, and then sprayed it with spray adhesive so that the Peeps would stick to the ball as you stuck them on. Stakespraystickstuck. Say that three times fast. :-)