Episode 37: DIY Sharpie Mugs

This week over at Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge on The Stir, I finally got to tackle the famous diy Sharpie mugs pin that is everywhere on Pinterest. This might be one of the first things I’ve ever pinned and I’ve always wondered if drawing on a mug and baking it in the oven was really all it took to create your amazing line of mug designs.

To put this pin to the test I purchased mugs at the dollar store, grabbed a couple packs of Sharpies and the rest is history. Watch below to see how it worked out for us!:

(video here)

Check out The Stir for more of my Crafty Mom Pinterest inspired projects!


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    Super cute mugs. I love the “Hold Me” one! Yes, I think the regular sharpie will probably be ok for a bit without the washing, but that’s not terribly convenient. I didn’t know Sharpie made porcelain pens. The ones I bought were some other brand, and I didn’t care for them. I really like the colors too. Maybe next time I’ll branch out with those.

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    So cute! Glad to know – I’ve got to get some of those Sharpie’s now. I’m thinking Christmas… already! :) Maybe because I haven’t taken my tree down yet from 2013

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    You inspired me on the writing workshop with your mug collection, and I even got rid of a few of our tired mugs and went to Target for new ones.

    Then this.

    I didn’t know you could even get mugs at the dollar store, and I NEVER thought of doodling on them with a Sharpie. My mind is blown by your craftiness! And obviously I don’t spend nearly enough time on Pinterest. Love the Hold Me one.