So I Became A Teacher

Seventeen years ago I told my high school History teacher, Mr. Taylor, that I too, wanted to teach. I expected to see pride sweep across his face. I wanted him to understand that he had inspired this calling in my life. He made learning something to look forward to and I wanted to do the same for future teens.

But instead of congratulating me on my wise decision, he seemed…worried?

“Teaching is a pretty good job,” he said, “but have you considered something in the field of technology at all? I really feel like if I could do things over I might choose to go in that direction. Just look at the progress we’ve made so far. That’s where the demand is going to be. You could probably make really good money if you start learning everything you can about technology and computers…”


Why would I ever be interested in learning about computers? Or Internet?

So I became a teacher.

It took me four years to learn everything I needed to know to inspire the youth of America and it took less than one year for me to slowly…back away…from the teenagers.

What was this, a school for ants?? How the heck was I supposed to inspire kids who didn’t even come to school? I wasn’t inspiring. I was jaded.

I hope my kids follow my advice like I should have followed Mr. Taylor’s:

(video here)

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    I like your idea of them taking care of you but without any of the guilt! I want my kids to be famous actors. Because I’d be famous by proxy without having to do anything. And I could travel to their film sites and hang out with the director and go to all the writers’ parties. Because I’m pretty sure that’s what movie people do on their off time – have fabulous parties.