I Hate This Corn

My Mom was old school. When she prepared a plate of food for us at the dinner table, by God we ate it.

And I was particularly picky so if I smelled steak (too chewy), mashed potatoes (too potatoe-y), tacos (weird spice), or rice pudding (raisin, ew) cooking, I would fall to the ground groaning about how much she must hate me to continue cooking this “food” that wasn’t spaghetti or pizza.

At one point my mother pointed to a plate of corn kernels that I had arranged all over my plate to make it LOOK like they had been eaten when really they had just been dispersed and she was all, “Kathy, stop dispersing your corn to make it look like you’ve eaten it and just EAT it!”

And I was all, “I HATE THIS CORN!!”

And she was all, “You do realize this corn is exactly like corn on the cob, but that the kernels have been pulled off…you love corn on the cob, the taste is not different.”

I stared at my corn kernels.

Mind. Blown.

When it comes to my own kids I actually don’t push them too hard. Kids are beyond stubborn when it comes to insisting on hating food just because. They just don’t want to like it. And some foods I feel like they’ll develop a taste for it when they get older like I did. I definitely wasn’t a vegetable eater when I was young, but I willingly ate and enjoyed brussell sprouts the other day so I feel like there’s probably hope for them too.

That being said, when Mommalogues asked us what our stance was on picky eaters, I couldn’t resist making up a little white lie:

(video here)

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    The rule with my kids is that they had to try everything once. More often than not, they ended up liking most things that they tried so, thankfully, I didn’t end up with picky eaters. I love that we don’t have a lot of fights about food (or food fights, lol!) The menu in our house when I was growing up wasn’t exactly varied because my father was very much a meat and potatoes man so I’ve tried to make sure that my kids at least get a chance to like different things.