Writer’s Workshop: I Love You A Latte

4.) Something you have too much of.

I started accidentally collecting mugs awhile ago. We would go out of town and I would just have to pick one out at a gift shop to commemorate the trip. And you know, Target comes out with super cute mugs for every little holiday and they’re usually marked down to 3 bucks or so…how can I resist an “I love you a latte” mug for Valentine’s Day? I even started a Pinterest board to pin my ever so cliched love for coffee and it’s adorable mugs.

I can’t tell you how many times my husband has rolled his eyes at me. Reaching for a glass, he’ll rummage around all the mugs and be all, “ugh…why do we have so many mugs??” and I’ll be all “well that one is from Valentinnnnne’s Day, Kainoa painted that one, that one was from our little Thomas the Train ride…don’t you remember our Thomas the train ride?” But of course by that point Pat has completely tuned me out and filled his glass and walked away as I continue shuffling through my memories via mug.

“You don’t need another mug Kat…” he’ll say as I quietly handle the Seattle mugs in Starbucks while he orders and I’m all, “Oh hush honey, look how happy it makes me!” And it’s true. There is a very brief moment of joy when I reach into the cupboard for a mug and have so many adorable faces looking back at me.

“Pick me! Pick me!” they shout through my half sleeping stupor. Why would anyone want to steal that joy from me?

But something strange happened the other day. I was driving and thinking and this moment of clarity just knocked me over the head. “Why do I have so many mugs?”

Why do I have so many mugs?

Technically, I only need maybe two. Why am I continuing to buy decorative cups that hold coffee? What a ridiculous think to waste money on!

I got home and headed straight for the kitchen. I boxed up all but two mugs (the “I love you a latte” and Seattle Starbucks mugs STAY) (and of course my husband needs a mug so I kept two out for him, love you honey!) (and I kept the mugs the kids made for hot chocolate and what not) and I set the box in the garage.

When Pat got home from work I showed him my sacrifice and he sort of wondered what hit me upside the head to change my mug hoarding habit when he had been mumbling about it for years now.

“I just see the light now. I get it. I think there’s something about living life as a minimalist you know?”

Then Pat was all, “now let’s talk about all those lip glosses you seem to be collecting…” and I whipped my head around and said, “DON’T YOU MESS WITH MY LIP GLOSS!”

I love my decorative mugs, but I might love my lip glosses “a latte” more. It might take a be a bit longer before I can fully call myself a minimalist.

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) The last time you apologized to someone was for…
2.) Talk about a time you got lucky.
3.) Write a post inspired by a photo or video you shared on Instagram last week.
4.) Something you have too much of.
5.) Write a list of your 10 favorite snacks growing up.


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    I love coffee mugs, too, but our collection is awful. I have my go-tos, but some of them are just from my husband’s company – not cute or welcoming at all. I think I may need to replace a few of them.

  3. says

    I have a mug hoarding problem too. There seems to be a mug for all occasions and the temptation to buy more is overwhelming! I think a support group may be needed…..

  4. says

    But if you don’t keep your mugs how will you remember all the places you’ve been? How? Sigh… I may have a bit of a “collecting” problem, too.

  5. says

    I’m all about being a minimalist – too much stuff around stresses me out! I’ve heard that if you have one – it’s necessary, two – you have a spare, three or more – a collection. Congratulations, you made the cut off!

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    I cannot tell you how much I love that Cheshire Cat mug. Once upon a time I had an Alice in Wonderland mug I found when I worked at Disney. Years later, the hubby broke it. I almost broke him.

    If it makes you feel any better, I’m currently sipping coffee in a mug I got at my 1oth grade drama club banquet. Not gonna mention how old that is…

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    That’s the thing about collecting. Anything, really. It’s all so justifiable! As for coffee mugs, you’re not alone. I have actually cleared mine out this year and am down to (get this) precisely TWO favorites. But I pity the fool who accidentally uses one of mine and leaves me to fend for myself with a “common” coffee cup, oh my. NOT cool. Good luck with your lip glosses!! haha

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    I don’t have a “latte” mugs but the ones I do have are my babies. My husband makes fun of me because I’m sooo picky about my mugs…and when I find the right one, it’s my precious.

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    Normally I like to share your funny posts with my husband. Unfortunately, I cannot do that this week, for fear he will then expect me to get rid of my mug collection or worse, my handbag collection, shot glass collection, wine bottle collection (although once empty I do get rid of it) or… heaven forbid… my shoe collection!

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    I told my husband that I would happily get rid of my coffee mugs, when he got rid of all of his Lord of the Rings action figures. And his Justice League action figures. And his old Star Trek uniform…

    Yeah, we don’t do minimalist.

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    I can so relate! While shopping the Christmas Markets in Germany and France, the hubby and I just had to buy a mug from each of the Markets! So.. we collected 28 of them. And then we had to send them back to the states. I have two boxes sitting here that I haven’t unpacked. Hopefully, they all made it home without breaking.

    Mugs are so inexpensive to buy and they help remind you of a fun trip. It’s a hard thing to resist! You have fun collecting them. Sometimes you just can’t have too much! Anyway, that’s what I tell myself when it comes to “certain things.” I enjoyed your post.

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    When you work with kids you end up with a lot of mugs…a lot. It is a universally given gift. Who doesn’t use a mug at some point? But then it becomes who can use forty mugs!?

    I confess to being a doofus this week. I did a prompt from last week. If I don’t do better next week, I promise you can hit me upside the head with one of your extra mugs.

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    I have a ton of mugs too. Have you seen all the animal ones at Pier One? I have a cow one with UDDERS? All you’ve done is make me want to buy a mug and maybe some Starbucks. I don’t think minimalism is in my future at all.

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    I have way too many mugs myself. I tell myself that I need all these mugs in case I have 15 people over who all want coffee. Of course, I can’t remember the last I had 15 people over for coffee.