Episode 36: Leprechaun Trap Ideas

When Maile was in Kindergarten one of her assignments was to build a leprechaun trap. I didn’t realize this was something people actually did. I guess it’s the March version of the Elf On The Shelf. Leprechaun runs around messing things up and you have to build traps to catch him. Maile and I put together a trap and decorated the inside of it with doll furniture and that was the first experience I had with leprechaun traps.

Now that March is here, so too is my second interaction with leprechaun traps. For my 36th episode Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge at The Stir this week, I collected three of the most common (easiest?) leprechaun trap ideas and I put them to the test.

You can watch the trap making action happen over at The Stir! I’d include the video, but the new flash player auto plays for me and mama no likey auto play. Not even when it’s my own angelic voice.


  1. says

    I blame leprechaun traps on preschool. That’s how it started at my house. But I have limited the setup to the night before St. Patrick’s Day. We are weird at my house. We barely get the kids stuff for Easter, but St. Patrick’s Day? I spend months collecting green things for the leprechaun to leave. I don’t know why.