Episode 39: Mason Jar Terrarium

For episode 39 on Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge, I got to try my hand at a mason jar terrarium. You could create an entire video series on mason jar crafts alone when it comes to viral pins on Pinterest. I believe the general idea here is that if you take something you kind of like, it will become exponentially cooler when you put it in a mason jar. It’s true. I tried it with gumballs yesterday and they definitely looked cooler in the mason jar.

Naturally, the same was true for the mason jar terrarium. Layer rocks, dirt, and moss in a jar, add one of your kids’ little animal figurines and you instantly have an adorable, tiny forest-like home. I don’t know what you’re supposed to do with the little home, but I love ours. I think I’ll make 20 more and just line the hallway with them.


You can see the full episode here and check out The Stir for more of my Crafty Mom Pinterest inspired projects!


  1. says

    Ha! It’s true, everything looks better in a Mason Jar. Your video was good! Maybe I should start trying to make some Pinterest stuff weekly… learned that Valtentine’s day is apparently the time when all the moms bust out their Pinteresting abilities… I went to the store & bought premade Valentines. Gasp! :)