Vlogging Workshop: My Friend Marci

5.) Introduce us to a friend.

I have been wanting to do a best friend tag I saw on YouTube awhile back, but my best friends typically have more important things to do than play YouTube games with me. When my friend Marci’s birthday came up I cornered her in the bathroom for a video, but since I was using my phone to film it…I didn’t necessarily have access to any of the actual questions. Instead you get a nice little introduction to my inappropriate friend Marci on her birthday:

(video here)

And you need to watch Whitney and Brandi from Rambles of a SAHM as they discuss the perfect television house. They’ve started a new series of videos where they choose a conversation topic from a bowl and just yap away. I love it and you may be seeing it on a future prompt!:

(video here)

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Now it’s your turn!

Today’s prompts are:

1.) Create a mini video compilation highlighting your February!
2.) February haul! Share your favorite things from February.
3.) A video inspired by St. Patrick’s Day!
4.) 20 Things you learned about…
5.) Introduce us to a friend.

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Get a jump start on next week’s video! Here are the prompts next Wednesday’s Link up:

1.) Cook something with your child.
2.) Ten years ago, what did you think you would be doing today?
3.) St. Patrick’s Day is Monday, talk about a time you got lucky!
4.) Take us on a walk.
5.) Recap a week (or day) in your life.


  1. says

    That’s a great idea for a prompt! I’ve always wanted to make a vlog with my sister, but she lives halfway across the country from me. We’ll have to film one when she’s visiting me at the end of March!

  2. Brandi (@Fitzysmom) says

    Yikes! You featured us . . . I don’t know whether to cringe or blush. Either way, thanks for doing this and pushing us all forward in our vlogging efforts. You make it so much fun! I love watching everyone’s videos. Isn’t it amazing how we use the same prompt and come up with so many different ideas. Love it!

  3. says

    I don’t make it over enough but I have visited in the past and enjoyed your funny clips. I recall one of you singing in the bathroom. I don’t remember when. It seems like a nightmare now – just kidding. Remembering your vlogs gave me a crazy idea. I enjoy making up parodies. You probably have never read one of them but I also recall you leaving a comment at my blog at least once so who knows. My crazy fun idea is for you to sing one of my parodies. I can’t carry a tune. My latest one is a parody of a U2 song. Check it out, let me know.