Writer’s Workshop: Overheard This Week

5.) 7 things you overheard this week.

I don’t know where my kids come up with half of what they say. I don’t know what’s wrong with women who go on a show like The Bachelor to compete for a husband. And I don’t know why the local news picks the sound bites it uses to broadcast the news, but I’m glad Twitter exists to share it all. Here are 7 things I overheard this week(ish):

1. “stank. breath. Mom? Do you have stank. breath?” -my daughter’s stream of consciousness.

2. “There’s nothing worse than a soggy red carpet.” -local news regarding rain during the Oscars. I can think of plenty worst.

3. “It makes me…happy…which is something I don’t allow myself to feel very often.” -single gal on The Bachelor. Still single.

4. “Mom, you already know how to make spaghetti, you just gotta learn how to make the sauce.”

5. “The ball won’t hurt…I mean if someone KICKS it, it will hurt.” -A bright observation about soccer made by a gal on The Bachelor.

6. “I’m a little concerned to know that it’s getting colder and darker.” -A concerned Seattle citizen on the local news in regards to possible snow coming in. Please nobody tell her this happens EVERY night.

7. “I was engaged to be married, he called off the wedding a few months ago. I think I’m ready for love again.” -single gal on The Bachelor. I’m guessing it might take longer than a few months to get over your FIANCE.

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) Pinterest inspired!
2.) Advice your mother gave you.
3.) A blog post inspired by the word: gold
4.) I love this idea of an art journal, try it (or have your child try it) and share your creation!
5.) 7 things you overheard this week.


  1. says

    Why am I not watching the Bachelor this season? It was always so entertaining. Also, I am convinced I need to click over to Vitamin for hair loss now. If it’s porn I blame you, Kathy!

  2. says

    Stank breath? I got that in spades! Allergies and bad sinuses make for some horrid morning breath. Good thing there’s mints!

  3. says

    Is it not just CRAZY the things that are on tv now a days? I can not watch it that often because I just want to go inject some brains into certain people…lol! I get to aggravated watching some of the stuff that goes on…

  4. says

    Love those! I get some gems from my kids. At church last week we were discussing how God is our refuge and the only way I could think to explain it to the group was to compare it to how an animal is safe in a wildlife refuge. My youngest pipes up “But they aren’t safe from bears! Bears eat people!” Zero idea where that came from.

  5. says

    Are you sure the guy that said, “There’s nothing worse than a soggy red carpet” is local? I heard the SAME thing on one of those morning shows and thought the SAME thing – blerg on them! Blerg I say ;)

  6. says

    Gotta love all that smartness! The bachelor wins the prize!! Makes you wonder why we allow ourselves to entertained with such stupidity!

  7. says

    Your Bachelor commentary is a treat. I’m more of a housewives viewer, but I love any snark thrown the way of the dummies. Thanks for the writing prompts!

  8. says

    Those Bachelor shows give out way too many ridiculous quotes! I wonder how many of those lines are written by the screenwriters, and the women are just so desperate to be famous that they’ll say the craziest things even if it makes them look so stupid.

  9. says

    I love the sauce comment from your child. I am a jarred sauce kind of lady myself. The last time I attempted homemade sauce, it was a disaster. Prego is just as good (or better in this case).