Plenty Of Regrets

I’ve talked before about how I hate it when you ask people if they have regrets and they give the standard, “no I don’t have any regrets, because even the negative things have helped me become the person I am today and I would never want to change that. Flaws and all.”

On one hand, I get it. I might say I regret that time I pulled a friend of mine to the ground by her hair, but then what would we have to reminisce and laugh about today? That fight helped shape who she is and who am I to go back and change that growth even if it was regrettable? And it taught me that I don’t really like how I feel after I pull people to the ground by their hair. If I hadn’t learned that lesson with her, perhaps I would have chosen someone dangerous to learn that lesson with. Perhaps I would have tried to pull someone’s hair who would put me in a hospital as opposed to someone who would just grab a fistful of my hair back.

So I get it, the whole “not wanting to change the past” thing.

That being said, I refuse to pretend there are no regrets in my life. There are plenty of regrets…things that I could change that would not significantly impact my future in any way whatsoever.

Things I regret that would not change who I am today:

1.Not speaking up in class when my teacher talked about cancer.
2. Choosing not to be friends with a good friend because my other good friend was all, “Stop being friends with her!”
3. Quitting basketball because I didn’t like to run.
4. Being a brat to my step-dad.
5. Telling my sister she looks like Gonzo.
6. Refusing to go to high school dances (obviously I had a lot to teach my classmates about how to move on the dance floor.)
7. Prank calling a friend in 8th grade and telling her I was going to set her house on fire.
8. Getting out of bed this morning.
9. Allowing my son to eat candy today. Or ever.
10. Telling my husband to “shut the f**k up” when he asked me to marry him. It’s all fun and games until you have to tell the story to your children and future grandchildren.
11. That time I lectured my son about losing my phone before finding it in my own coat pocket.
12. Sending my daughter to school when she was sick. (“Did you take her temperature?”…”Well, no not exactly.”)
13. Tequila.
14. The lizard incident…still.
15. Leaving the garage open for this guy to sneak in (again):

See…it’s okay to regret some things!


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    OMG I would scream like the girl I am if that thing was in my garage. I’m so with you on the regrets thing. I have plenty and some if I had a time machine I would go back and smack myself.

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      I screamed on the inside. That thing was so creepy, but it was midnight and I didn’t want to wake my entire family…okay I kind of DID want to wake them, but opted for a video instead.

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    Don’t feel bad. Sometimes kids seem healthy when they are not, and sometimes they seem sick when they are fine. I got the chicken pox when I was four, and my parents didn’t even notice. The morning I first started showing symptoms, there were three “pimples” on my back and one on my stomach. I was behaving the way I usually did, not cranky or tired or complaining of anything. I even ate breakfast. So my mom and dad just sent me to school. I guess the chicken pox must have been going around (when isn’t it?), because I spent maybe a half an hour at school before they called up my parents and yelled at them for sending in a highly infectious child. I spent the next few days at home, mostly playing in the back yard because I only had a low-grade fever and I never got more than six chicken pox. I even went to a wedding in Canada while just barely recovered, a week or so later.

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      I’m guilty of saying it too, I think it’s because we usually think of major life events first and those things really are so life altering that most of us wouldn’t go back and change them even if they were difficult. I do agree with that! But it was kind of fun coming up with less significant things that I feel like I actually really do regret!

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    I hear you on the regrets. Sometimes we are just stupid, and I would be quite happy to take stupid back. #11, I think I’ve done that exact thing! And that thing in your garage…I think a call to animal control is in order!!

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    No nonsense. Well said – I’ve got nothing to add…except that it’s nice to hear someone admit to the fact that – of course – there are things we regret and wouldn’t ever do again if we had a do-over! I’m going to make a list.

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    I regret plenty, too. My most marked – and permanent – regret is getting a tattoo.

    Love your “marry me” reaction! Although yeah – I get it.