Ten Saint Patrick’s Day Facts

I decided since I know absolutely nothing about Saint Patrick that it might be kind of fun to Google search him and boy was I ever surprised to learn something about this special day!

Did you know Patrick wasn’t even his real first name? And that he wasn’t even Irish? I’ve uncovered ten Saint Patrick’s Day facts and am sharing them today via video, prepare to be blown away! Take a look!:

(video here)

I can’t believe how little I knew, am I alone here? Did you already know any of those?

Go forth with your new found knowledge and celebrate! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. says

    That’s hilarious! I heard some of these facts on the morning show I listen to on my way to work yesterday! It’s crazy how different the holiday turned out! I definitely wish I had that green bow to strut around at work yesterday to match my shamrock socks!