Episode 41: Easter String Eggs

My 41st episode for Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge at The Stir was to create Easter String Eggs by slathering yarn with a starchy solution and wrapping it around a balloon. The yarn is supposed to dry on the balloon and when you pop the balloon it keeps it’s egg like shape.

So what do you do with string in the shape of eggs? This is a wonderful question. People on Pinterest are using them for spring centerpieces and garlands…so there you go.

Does it work? Well…it’s not my MOST successful creation, but I think if I had used more of the sticky solution, perhaps my string eggs would have been a little more stiff. I also noticed that on the balloons I didn’t double knot, all of the air deflated and ruined the whole egg.

In conclusion, yes it works…be generous with your slather and double knot your balloon!

You can catch the entire episode over at The Stir and check out my other Pinterest inspired crafts here!


  1. Katie says

    Haha, I have these on my list of things to make for Easter, but put candy in the balloon first, so it’s inside the string egg after you pop the balloon…I may rethink this…LOL!