Episode 43: Shaving Cream Egg Dyeing

My 43rd episode of Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge was spent with Kainioa as we attempted the shaving cream egg dyeing strategy I had seen on Pinterest.

Obviously, it’s a little too late to jump on this bandwagon, but next year if you have shaving cream and food coloring on hand just remember it’s all you need to have a good time! Well…and the eggs.

You can watch me and Kainoa work through the process over at The Stir, but here’s a little behind the scenes sneak peek:

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And for a Happy Easter bonus, take a look at Kainoa hitting the Egg Hunt hard and making one quick lap around the yard before giving up. He gets so overwhelmed with all the people taking the eggs that he just quits before he starts. He did the same thing earlier in the morning for the Easter egg hunt in our living room with his sisters and he did the same thing LAST year during our hunt. This kid can’t take the pressure!:

Pat was able to rally him back into egg hunting mode…I feel confident he will head out next year with renewed confidence.