Writer’s Workshop: The Worst Self Firing

2.) Have you ever been fired?

I’ve never been fired, but I have been put in the awkward position of having to quit without giving any notice which is so unlike me that I STILL feel guilty about it to this day.

I worked at a popular and well known childcare center when I was in college and it was one of the worst centers I’ve ever been affiliated with. I was on the 6am – 3pm shift, but often stayed as late as they needed me because we were so low staffed.

We would literally have people show up for their first day on the job only to have them disappear on their lunch break. One teacher called it Children’s Hell because the kids behavior was so outrageous. I felt really pleased to have been a lead teacher in the school age classroom within my first year of working and when I was asked to take over the 4 year old classroom for the first half of the day I really felt like my ability to tame rowdy children had finally been recognized.

Parents, when a 19 year old girl is your child’s lead teacher let that be a red flag to you. I did a fine job, but most certainly the head teacher of a classroom should have some kind of experience under her belt.

I was over worked and under appreciated at this daycare, but I liked having a paycheck and I really liked working with some of the other head teachers in the building.

My problem occurred when my college volleyball season started and we were scheduled for a tournament in Arizona that I simply forgot to give notice for. The trip crept up and my boss had no idea it was on the horizon. I knew she didn’t have any staff prepared to cover my absence…so I quit.

Common sense says I could have “done the right thing” and just told her that I made a mistake, hadn’t thought things through and that I had to leave, but would be back in a few days…but that would have been too…honest.

Instead, I managed to pull up all the angry feelings I had about the job and on my way out confronted my boss about how I just couldn’t do this anymore, I wasn’t appreciated, everything was too hard, people were rude, etc etc “I’m OUT OF HERE!”

I wasn’t prepared for my boss to beg me to stay and deep down in my fake angry little heart I felt terrible. I wanted to tell her the truth, but I was in too deep…I had to stick to my guns.

“No, I’m just…I can’t TAKE IT anymore. I have to go.”

It was the worst self firing ever and I’m still embarrassed about it, but the Grand Canyon was amazing.

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) A memorable Spring Break.
2.) Have you ever been fired?
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5.) Write a list of things kids say that adults can’t get away with.


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    Yikes!!! I probably would have done the same thing…glad the Grand Canyon was cool. ;)

    P.S. You played college volleyball? What a stud!

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    If you did the same thing now, I’d probably shake a finger at you while tsk tsk-ing but you were 19. Who the heck didn’t do something like that at that age?! I try not to think about my 19 year old self too often (shudder).

    It may embarass you but it was a learning experience.

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      For sure, but if you had told me that back then I would have been all, “I KNOW LOTS OF THINGS! My brain is perfect!” ;)

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    I’ve been guilty of the doing the same thing. Rather than confront a sticky situation at work, it was just easier to give them an excuse for quitting. I have never been good at confrontations. That’s why I love being my own boss. Plants and trees always understand and love you no matter what!

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      Oh I so agree, I hate confrontation and I despise having a boss. Self employment is the way to go…but you definitely sacrifice steady income and job security. Still worth it.

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      I’d say I’ve served my karma. The number of parents who have pulled their kids from my daycare without notice and without payment, definitely has gotten me back!

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    I worked in a daycare center in college too, and it was a really hard job. I hear you on the overworked and underappreciated thing, and don’t miss a single thing about that experience. Glad you gave your best to those kids, even if you felt like the parents and staff didn’t care so much.

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      Staff at daycare centers do the hardest work and typically receive minimum wage…I could never go back to one of those places!

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    That’s a pretty awesome story and one I can relate to having worked in a childcare center myself. It sounded like you had about all you could take of that job! Glad you got to explore the Grand Canyon!

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    This sounds familiar. I quit my job at Baskin-Robbins in a similar way. I also had the gall to go back for my last paycheck months later. They didn’t have it anymore. Oh, nineteen.