Episode 44: Fabric Covered Flower Pots

My 44th episode of Crafty Mom involves improving the boring and drab Teracotta pot with a pop of color and texture. Hundreds of people have pinned their own fabric colored flower pots and of course they all looked amazing, so I had to see if this was something even a simpleton could accomplish.

And it worked! Fabric can definitely stick to and improve the look of a flower pot, however, what the video won’t tell you is that I ignored the directions that encouraged me to leave the pot “indoors” and set out on my front porch with my other plants.

And then it rained a bunch.

When fabric gets wet in the rain for a few days and then dries and then gets wet again…well it starts looking grungy. My advice to other simpletons attempting this craft would be to keep your fabric covered flower pots out of the rain.

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