Tied To Our Computers

The moms of Mommalogues are talking about how much time we spend on the computer when our kids are home and I’ll be perfectly honest…it’s a lot of time. Is it fair to judge someone for this though? We’re tied to our computers for practically everything! Entertainment, friendships, hobbies, shopping…I even keep my grocery lists on the computer.

I might not be working every minute of the day, but everything I do is necessary to the functionality of this household. Well…maybe not my daily check-ins with TMZ. Almost everything:

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  1. says

    First, how have you gotten more beautiful since you started your blog? Just seriously, can you age a little? Make the rest of us feel better?

    Secondly, I actually had to install software that helps me stay offline during the day. I have set hours to be online and I can only be on Facebook/email/pinterest for 30 minutes a day. I was addicted. It’s super annoying to realize that your kids’ memories of you will be of you on the computer. Yuck.