All The Dads

Laina has been really interested in heaven lately. “Mom? If Jesus came back from heaven and brought everyone with him…would Papa B. still be our Papa B.?”

And I was all, “Yes, of course. Forever.”

And she was all, “But what about Gary?”

And I was all, “His name is not Gary, his name is Grandpa to you. Stop calling him that.”

Because every time she calls my Dad “Gary” I realize I haven’t done my job of talking about him enough. There’s too much distance. I’m mad at him for that.

And she was all, “What about your other dad, Bob?”

And I was all, “GRANDPA Bob…he’s your grandpa too, you can call him Papa if you’d like to. If Jesus came back and brought heaven with him, you would have THREE grandpas on my side. Regular Grandpa, Grandpa Bob, and Papa B.”

And she was all, “Would that be okay? What would Grandma do?”

And I was all, “Are you kidding me? She’d never have to lift another finger. Those men would do anything for her and they’d probably be best friends. Come to think of it…she would probably go find a new husband just to escape the three stooges.”

And she was all, “I bet you’d be really happy about having them back from heaven.”

And I was all, “Yeah. Probably.”

It was a wonderful thing when I started having kids, to realize¬† I could stop focusing on loss every Father’s Day and instead celebrate my husband, I wish someone would memo Laina on that one!

In the mean time, we’re talking about things Dads do better and I talked about what Grandpa Bob did to make our rides to school way more fun than when Mom took us:

(video here)

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Happy Father’s day to all the dads and especially to the one who has helped me clean vomit out of carpets for the past ten years.


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    I haven’t lost my Dad or my Father’s Dad yet. We are lucky that way and I can imagine that it would make Father’s Day a little more difficult. I love all the different names you give to the Grandpa’s! We have had to do that with our Grandma’s Love the story too! Only a Grandpa could get away with telling the kids he was the one changing the light. So funny!