Blue Hawaii Mixed Drink

In honor of Hawaii this week I made a Blue Hawaii mixed drink I saw on Pinterest.

Being the fan of Hawaii that I am and also being that I am easily pleased by brightly colored drinks, this blue alcoholic beverage seemed like a no brainer. Even though the last blue drink I made was terrible.

Fingers crossed for this one:

(video here)



  1. says

    A glass with some fruit on a sword and filled this blue liquid could completely be the icon for my junior year of college. A couple weeks ago I was out with friends and in a bar for—-oh, I don’t know—-the first time since 1986. I ordered a Blue Hawaiian and the bar tender didn’t have a clue what I was talking about! So, here’s to you for preserving history!

  2. says

    That blue antifreeze looking stuff always turned me off of Blue Hawaiians. What is the flavor of this, exactly?