The Next Thing

Every year Laina gets older and every year she resists it. I think most humans naturally look forward to the next thing.

I can’t wait until my baby can smile, until she can walk, until she can talk.

I can’t wait until I can drive, until I can live on my own, until I can adopt 30 cats.

It is so refreshing to hear that little soul say she wants everything to stay as it is right now.

She gets it.

dripping tears


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    Sounds like she knows when she has a good thing going. It’s best to make the most of every age and just live in the present. Hope she likes the next grade as well! Peter Pan was my childhood hero–I didn’t ever want to grow up either (and have so much responsibility and lose my free time to play and hang out with my friends.)

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      It’s definitely a breath of fresh air to be around people who can appreciate what they have in the moment!

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    oh. This gave me chills…a little one who is living IN her moment. IN her childhood…childhood is such a gift – not to be wasted or squandered – but to play in, marvel in….enjoy!! Love this!

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      Totally! And what a blessing to be allowed that moment when so many kids are forced to grow up too quickly in harsh realities.

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    this just buoyed my soul and made me smile so wide my cheeks hurt. I love that she is living in the now, appreciating it and full of gratitude for it.

    She’s going to rock our world.

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    Sweetness. I hope she keeps that beautiful quality and leads others into the same precious love of the here and now!

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    I love her way of appreciating what she has right now and not wanting to rush things. I hope she keeps that spirit forever!