And Now Seven

I sometimes refer to Kainoa as my lovable Great Dane.

He’s got limbs for days so on the outside he appears to be a big dog, but on the inside he’s still a pup in training. He’ll still knock over your unsuspecting baby. If we’re on our way to visit I will call ahead and have you wrap up your fine China and secure your wall hangings.

I prepped his Kindergarten teacher for his arrival by making jokes about the number of margaritas I would owe her at the end of the year.

About halfway through she was all, “You were wrong about him! He might still be learning about rules and classroom dynamics, but he’s got such spirit! I hope he never changes!”

When Kainoa was four I wrote that “He is intent only on finding joy in everything he does.”

And it’s still true. He wants to have a good time.

He hasn’t changed.

I just wish his mission to find joy did not also include breaking everything he touches. Or a diet of only sugar. And I wish talking about punching me in the face did not bring him so much joy.

We’re still working on some things.

kainoa seven

Happy seventh birthday Kainoa!

You turned one.
You turned two.
You turned three.
You turned four.
You turned five.
You turned six.


  1. says

    Happy birthday to your little guy! What a wonderfully happy kid! And isn’t it great when your predictions for their teachers is wrong? I’m always delirious when I find out they behave well at school.

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    My 17 year old, the youngest of 4, (3 other spacially normal kids) is a walking disaster! We refer to him as messy marvin but really he is just a mess. He broke his collar bone this school year tripping over something on the ground while carrying weights. Fell right on his shoulder. How? I constantly ask myself. We moved last summer and I just couldn’t risk him breaking things. So many times I asked him to wait for his dad to carry something. Man his feelings were hurt. He breaks chairs just by sitting on them.. Can’t even begin to count how many.. so what I am saying is wrap everything in bubble wrap and keep him outside :-) hopefully they all grow out of it!
    P.S. he started driving and I am freaking out!

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    That’s hilarious. I’m afraid my nephew will become a walking tornado because he’s only four and already in to everything!

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    He is a doll. I hope he never loses his spiritedness! Well, maybe only when you need a break. Happy birthday to him, AND you!!