Sex Tape In Theaters July 18!

I can’t wait to see Sex Tape in theaters July 18th!

Not my sex tape, the movie Sex Tape. Initially I was reluctant to write anything about ANYONE’S Sex Tape until I watched the trailer for this movie and then I was hooked, take a look:

The gist is that Cameron Diaz (who plays a mom blogger) and Jason Segal decide to spice up their passionless marriage by getting creative in the bedroom. They film the entire thing and then accidentally send it to “the cloud”.

Can you even imagine? The idea of any unwanted content making it’s way through the in boxes of everyone you know is terrifying enough, but if it was content like that I would die a thousand mortifying deaths.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this resolves itself and in the mean time am excited to share I’m being featured as a guest blogger on the Sony Pictures Who’s Yo Mommy blog that Cameron Diaz’s character owns.

I’ve written up my own list of 10 ways to keep passion in a marriage and spoiler alert, none of them include sending a sex tape to “the cloud” so I’m already winning!

sex tape 2


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    OMG!! I can’t wait to see this movie too, the previews just send me into a fit of laughter!! but it’s true what they say about The Cloud!!

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      I love it when they reference The Cloud, because REALLY what IS that!?! They’re voicing what the rest of us are feeling. “Oh you lost your phone…do you use The Cloud? Maybe check that? Whatever it is…” lol

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    I just checked out Who’s Yo Mommy and I read your guest post! Loved your tips about keeping your marriage passionate–I buy fiber-rich cereal for my husband all the time! Oh, yeah, we’ve got passion.

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    I can’t wait to see this… I saw the trailer by accident. Well, Youtube forced me, actually. But it looks HILARIOUS. And no, I can’t imagine what I would do if something like this happened to me…. I suppose I’d just hope no one recognized me!