Writer’s Workshop: Tossing Eggs

1.) Share something you learned in June.

After spending Saturday at the beach learning about my kids’ great grandmother, we stayed inland on Sunday for some good ol’ fashioned horse riding. I never realized what a huge role ranching played in Hawaii’s culture until I met Pat’s family. I just kind of envisioned everyone waxing surfboards on Hawaiian time, but these people work really hard.


Apparently Pat’s grandfather was one of the best ranchers at Parker Ranch here and Parker Ranch is The Big Island’s bread and butter. It’s everywhere. Over 300 miles of everywhere…Parker Ranch gift shops galore. Pat’s grandmother spent time living on a ranch as well, and that’s why on Sunday it made sense to spend our day riding horses, roping fake cattle, and tossing eggs.


Because a family reunion can’t possibly be a family reunion without an egg toss.

And there I was, excited to be filming Pat and Maile throwing eggs at each other. I was so distracted by my eagerness to catch WHO the egg was going to explode on that I was ignoring Kainoa’s pleas for a pop, “can I have a Coco-Cola like Laina mom??? Can I? Can I mom?”


And I was all, “Yes! Just go, whatever…this egg toss is intense!”

So he ran off and came back and was all, “Mom, the Coco-Colas are all gone, Laina got the last one!”

And I was all, “Work it out dude, I don’t know.”

And he was all, “Can I have something else?”

And I was all, “OMG, yes whatever!”

So he ran off and came back and was all, “Mom I don’t like my drink…I don’t like Root Beer.”

And I was all, “Ugh! You can’t take a sip of something and just leave it laying around!”

So he ran off and came back and was all, “Mom…I drank some more, but I really don’t like it. Do I have to drink it all before I choose something else?”


And I was all, “I don’t like Root Beer either, just save it for Daddy.” But on the inside I was cringing because these kids make me look bad when they’re wasteful or rude and I have a facade of perfection I’d like to uphold…”the mother who has it all under control, raising respectful children!”…I was tempted to teach him a lesson and make him finish his Root Beer, but the last thing he needed in his body was 8oz of sugar and toxins floating inside.


Pat and Maile finished the toss and I flipped through the photos I took, deleting 90% of them because photos of humans tossing eggs to one another really isn’t frame worthy material and I motioned Pat to Kainoa’s drink, “hey can you finish Kainoa’s Root Beer? He opened it, but doesn’t like it.”


And then I sighed again at his wastefulness like a mother who cares about that stuff might do.

But Pat picked up his Root Beer and was all, “Is THIS what Kainoa has been drinking? Is THIS his Root Beer?”

Because as it turns out it wasn’t a Root Beer Kainoa was sipping from the coolers, it was a Coors Light.

No wonder he didn’t like it.

Thank GOD he didn’t like it.

Realizing I should never take my eyes off that child of mine was a valuable lesson that I learned last month. Every month, actually.


Now it’s your turn!

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  1. says

    If you worried about people seeing him wasting root beer, imagine how many people saw him sipping that Coors, lol! (yes, I just had to put that thought in your head; you’re welcome)

    I just realized that my link posted here twice – sorry about that – and I don’t know how to delete one.

  2. says

    First, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to link up 3 times. I was having trouble and it didn’t even show me the thanks for linking up thing – only an “Ooops! Something went wrong page” so I tried to doing it again. Please delete the #10 and #12 links for me. Thanks!

    And your story. Totally a surprise ending for me. Hilarious, I tell ya. I’m glad none us drinks here so I can’t relate in that area. But the whole delteing 90% of the pics you took of one event? I so do that all the time! That’s why I’s thankful I’m using a digital cameras now, right?

  3. says

    Being the mom of the beer drinking primary schooler should ease the talk of how you didn’t teach your kids manners or to be frugal! So there’s that!

  4. says

    I had a feeling where the root beer story was going. Sometimes I do the same and just say, “Sure..whatever” when I’m focused on something else. I will be rethinking that myself.

  5. says

    I actually did NOT post more than one time this week. Yay me!

    I am glad that your son did not drink the whole beer!

  6. says

    All I keep wondering is what would’ve happened if he had drank the whole thing? I’m pretty sure a small body would’ve been drunk off one and for some reason I feel this would’ve been pretty good entertainment. This is probably why I don’t have children. (Seriously I would never actually do that though…)

  7. says

    Great pictures! The scenery is beautiful…I had an idea where the “Root Beer” thing was heading.
    (Oh, and I accidentally posted my link twice; could you please remove one? Thanks!)
    Happy 4th!

  8. says

    Ha! Classic. My daughter took a giant swig out of her granddad’s vodka & tonic to wet her whistle once… THAT was a lesson in making sure you grab the right glass.

    I’m still in awe over your pictures of Hawaii. It’s gorgeous.

  9. says

    Well I’m glad he didn’t like the rootbeer, I’m sure dad was happy to finish it off for him! I think all parents are guilty of being so involved in something they only halfway listen. I mean the human brain can only do so much, right!

  10. says

    Looks like we gonna have to fight it out as to who is the mom who shoos her child away the most. I admit that I am guilty of this. A lot of times. I also have that “yeah, yeah” answer when my kids interrupt me when I’m doing something inconsequential. But I suppose that is the essence of motherhood, we learn and do better.