Back To School YouTube Tag

School  office supplies on board.

Time to get ready for school!

Whether you’re sending kids off or hitting the books yourself, the back to school YouTube tag is a fun and easy way to share your school experience with your YouTube channel. Take it on your own, reminisce about past experiences or quiz your kids, interview style!

Back To School YouTube Tag

1.) First day of school jitters?
2.) Have you ever fallen asleep in class?
3.) Share your most embarrassing moment in school.
4.) Will you (or have you) joined any clubs or sports teams?
5.) What has been your favorite grade?
6.) Did you ever have to wear a uniform?
7.) Who was your favorite teacher?
8.) Least favorite?
9.) What was the worst thing you ever did at school?
10.) Did you have a car? If so, what were you driving?
11.) Are you still friends with anybody you went to school with?
12.) Is there anything you would change about your experience with school?

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