Crazy School Supply List

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This week on Mommalogues we were asked to share what our crazy school supply list looks like. Each of us chimed in with some of the weirdest things we’ve seen on supply lists and while I’m happy with my answer, I wish I had mentioned the single sock that was on my daughter’s list this year.

One sock. For the dry erase board. Am I supposed to purchase a new pair and just keep the match at home? Certainly I can’t send a used sock for the teacher to wipe with. Or can I? That’ll teach’em!

Also, number two pencils…why do they have to be ticonderoga? What even IS that? Talk amongst yourselves.

Here are what the other mommaloguers had to add:

(video here)

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  1. Janna says

    A set of mini dominoes. Seriously. Thank god for amazon because I wasn’t dragging 3 boys to 10 different stores for that item.

    • says

      When I was in 6th grade my mom was asked to buy tanagrams for school. They’re like these geometric puzzles and our class loved them. I’m sure your teacher has something fun up her sleeve…smart thinking ordering them online!

  2. Gin says

    As a teacher who works in a district who supplies NOTHING, videos like these make me ragey. Especially the commentary about the sanitizing wipes…no, the school would not dream of supplying these with funds that could otherwise be spent on things that will help kids pass a test and NO, the custodians do not sanitize hard surfaces (at least in my district). So, unless you want my classroom to be a steaming cesspool of flu germs and pink-eye, send the wipes. Or maybe she just thinks the teacher should pay for the wipes out of her own pocket. She wouldn’t be the first. We sanitize daily with these wipes. As far as the glue stick thing goes, I have never been particular about that. I am particular about composition notebooks versus spiral notebooks. Spirals get caught and will poke little fingers and the papers don’t stay in as well. However, I am sure if you asked a teacher for an itemized list of each school supply with an explanation underneath, he/she would be happy to give you one. It’s not like we have enough to do already…

    • says

      I just assume you guys have a good reason for everything you ask for. I do want to ask you though, does the brand REALLY matter? No teacher has ever complained but when I’m at the school supplies and they have bags of Paper Mate pens, even though the list say Bic, I buy the Paper Mate.

      • says

        I agree, I usually assume things are needed for a reason. I had the same question about the types of pencils we were asked to buy…no idea why those specific pencils are needed. I’ll find out though!

        I have noticed in the past that they have asked for Crayola brand crayons and not the knock off brand. I definitely notice a difference between knock off crayons versus Crayola! The pens though, I’m not sure about those!

    • says

      I almost didn’t choose this video to highlight because in our defense we were asked to share a crazy item, so I suppose out of all the items on the list, maybe sanitary wipes are the craziest? lol I don’t know. I have a couple daycare moms who are teachers at our school and I have no doubt they sanitized their rooms with those wipes like CRAZY, especially when kids were getting sick.

      The purple glue specification wasn’t on our list this year! Maybe they realized how difficult those were to find after last year!

  3. says

    It was the 100 sharpened pencils that killed me. 100. For each kid. That’s over 2000 sharpened pencils floating around one classroom. You could build a tree house with that. It’s almost dangerous.

    Oh, and one pen. 100 pencils and ONE pen.

  4. says

    As a matter of fact the brand of pencil really is important..most of the pencils are made very cheaply and the leads are already broken inside before your child even gets them out of the wrapping.. Nothing more fun then kids using the sharpener over and over because the the lead keeps breaking off… I’m an EA in our school district and I can’t tell you how much time is wasted on this.. And noise disruptions.. And child frustrations…. And your money being wasted.. Sorry if I’m ranting.. The purple glue stick issue.. That’s a new one to me! No idea there :-)

  5. says

    There are only a few things on school list that get me irritated. For the most part I trust the teacher’s opinion and if they want no clog glue bottles i suspect that it is because they don’t have time to unclog 28 glue bottles, nor do I want them spending their time on things like that rather than teaching. My issue comes from the parents who refuse to buy supplies for their kids. I know that there are definitely some families who can’t afford supplies but also I know for a fact from talking to parents that some just refuse to do it. I don’t where they think there is funding for these items because what really happens is the teacher or other parents end up having to buy supplies for their kid. Which is why I have an issue with being asked to buy 10 gluesticks for the class two months before school is over.

  6. Laura says

    I have to say Mama Kat, Ticonderoga pencils are the only ones that don’t ruin our pencil sharpeners! The wood is softer. It makes a huge difference I swear!!!

    • says

      Oh my gosh, is THAT why all of our pencil sharpeners get ruined?? Shoot…now I have to go see if the 6 dozen pencils I purchased are the right type! Otherwise, I might be sending some extra pencil sharpeners to school this year.