A Cringe Worthy Week

Well last week was cringe worthy!

I received a Stitch Fix box and while filming the unboxing realized one of the items had a Nordstrom Rack tag on it. Stitch Fix had priced the item for me to purchase at $68, but the Nordstrom Rack tag said $24.97. The video shows the precise moment I notice the error and then my reaction.

Adweek ran the story with a response from Stitch Fix. And my view of the internet went a little crazy.

I don’t like being the person that caused the “uproar”, but I felt compelled to share it with friends after encouraging people to try the service in previous unboxings. I’m not sorry for sharing, but I do wish the whole thing had never happened and that I could continue subscribing without the knowledge that I could get the items at Nordstrom Rack for much less.

And if that were not cringe worthy enough, I watched a Mommalogues video compilation where we were asked to talk about a time where we stood up for an unpopular belief.

I chose to talk about when Britney Spears was “having a tough time” and how I always believed in her even though she was a “hot mess” for awhile.

Very funny (and true), but imagine my horror when I looked to the sidebar and discovered who our celeb mom blogger of the month was.

unpopular belief

Jamie Lynn Spears.

Britney’s little sister.

Of all the months to talk about Britney’s “tough time”, I had to choose this one.

Definitely had no idea JLS was the celeb mom blogger.

Definitely cringing (and also laughing, because seriously? Only *I* would do something like that).

This week though, things are looking up! I’m starting off on the right foot with a brand new site re-design thanks to the wonderful Cyn at NWDesigns! I emailed her with something like, “Hey there! I’m tired of the red, my sidebar is broken and I need a cleaner look to my site. Please help, but if you need any direction at all you’ll need to ask Fran from SITS Girls because she knows what I want better than I know what I want.”

Now my site looks nothing like my site, but I love it.

It’s good to start fresh every once in awhile!

Other less cringe worthy Mommalogues topics include:

Would you rather snuggle with your kids or your pet?
How do you talk to your kids about stranger danger?
What is too young to start kids in competitive sports?
Would you let your son identify as a girl?


  1. says

    Oh gosh, you (and others) were stitched up by Stitch Fix! My question is, do you believe their explanation? It’s such a shame, I always loved the idea of SF, though I can’t get it in Malaysia. (just as well I suppose)

    Love your new site!

  2. says

    I suppose that when you’re active in social media, you’ll eventually have a cringeworthy moment or two. Yours weren’t so bad though so don’t sweat it.

    I love the new site design! The other one was nice too but sometimes we just need to shake things up a bit ;)

  3. says

    I 100% agree and support your stitchfix reviews after only having negative experience. I mega crazy shared your video :)

  4. says

    The first I saw of your StichFix post was on AdWeek. Which was crazy because I haven’t really seen anything from AdWeek in my FB feed since Black Friday last year. Then BOOM! There’s Kat! So of course I had to click.
    I was really put off by StitchFix’s response. Yes I get that all retailers buy from wholesale, but the feel in their written voice was that they were very, ‘meh’ about it.
    I loved your video because I love the honesty in your expression and in the moment thoughts/comment.

    While I can understand how the whole thing would feel a bit cringy (especially when you have people like me making smart-alicky Ellen comments), what happened in that video was completely honest and organic. And people can appreciate that.

  5. says

    I agree with you on both things. I’ve always defended Britney, hell if I had cameras following me everywhere in my early 20’s I probably would have gone crazy too.

  6. says

    First of all, I love the new look!!
    Second.. screw stitch fix. I feel like some of the newer subscription services are a rip off (ahemm..concious box..). Not ALL..just a few of them.
    Third.. I’m usually the one to open my mouth at just the ‘right time’, so that made me laugh pretty hard! I’m sure it was meant to be :)

  7. says

    I saw the video on Adweek, too! I’m a stitchfix subscriber, and I am not sure about their response… why in the world would the wholesalers put the tags on the clothes? Wouldn’t the retailer do that?