Writer’s Workshop: Cupcakes All The Time

2.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: cupcakes


I was listening to two little girls have an intense girl conversation about their future career choices. They wanted to have the exact same job so that they could do everything together, but did they want to be ranchers with horses or did they want to take pictures of nature? Maybe a zoo keeper? What about a dog rescuer?

After a pause and some consideration, one of the girls broke the silence with, “Do you ever wish your birthday was everyday so you could get cupcakes all the time?”

And the other girl was all, “YES!!” as if that had been on her mind the entire time too.

And that’s why I love kids. They boldly say what we’re all thinking even without a proper segue. Or any segue whatsoever.

Dog rescuers and then CUPCAKESOMGYES.

cupcakes all the time

Now it’s your turn!

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The Prompts:

1.) A pet peeve.
2.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: cupcakes
3.) How is summer vacation different for your kids than it was for you growing up.
4.) List of things you love about the state you live in.
5.) Write about a time you tried something new.


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      My kids discovered a brilliant way to eat a cupcake and now they love them! You twist off the bottom portion and cover the top with it like a little sandwich. Way less messy!

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    First time here in a while, so I’m a little rusty. Think I might have answered one of last week’s prompts? Nevertheless, enjoyed your take on cupcakes. We visit Georgetown Cupcake in DC every so often, so count me as a fan, and please give me an “A” for effort, OK? :)

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    oh, CUPCAKES! And the beauty and innocence of kiddos speaking their mind. You’re right, it’s a treasure. And fun. And I think I should do it more often.

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      The problem is when WE do it, we end up getting in a bunch of trouble. Hurting peoples feelings, being called rude, stirring up drama…just look at all the Real Housewives who openly run their uncensored mouths. I think we might be better off letting the kids speak uninhibited…their thoughts are so much less offensive. ;)

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    That’s sounds like the dream job to me!

    When my oldest daughter was a young girl, she and her cousin would often talk about their “future” so they could live by each other forever. Their dream was to live on a ranch next to each other and write books!

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      Oh that’s exactly what my girls do! Every job is something they’ll do together and their latest is that they plan to purchase homes in this exactly neighborhood they’re growing up in. Super cute.

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    I love cupcakes! There’s a little cupcake shop around the corner from our house. My son often comes up with reasons we need a cupcake. “It’s Friday.” “I worked hard at school” “I want one!”

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    I love the new look of the blog! Who wouldn’t want a birthday and a cupcake everyday! sign me up for that. Kids are great.

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    I do wish it was my birthday everyday, but for more narcissistic reasons than eating cupcakes:). And I like my cupcakes unfrosted.

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      I like a minimal amount of frosting…preferably chocolate and preferably homemade. And I prefer my daily birthdays to come equipped with an endless number of gift cards. I”m not picky about from where.

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    Love the “sweet” little graphic in your post. Cupcakes are so yummy.
    Thanks for the inspiration and for visiting my blog last week. As I get back in the swing of blogging, it’s nice to have a place to look for ideas.

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    I love cupcakes. They don’t love my thighs though:( Cute post!! I have a cupcake story but I still need to write about it. I’m a little confused where we post out URL though. Can you direct me Kat?

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    I love your cupcake story. We really do learn so much when we eavesdrop on kids :-) I must say that I’ve learnt a lot from my youngest just listening to her talk to her sister about STUFF. Kids say it in all honesty with no hidden agenda.