Episode 48: Tin Can Lantern DIY

tin can lanterns diy

For episode 48 of Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge, I tackled the tin can lantern diy I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest.

This project was a little more challenging than it looks because it’s not as easy as just grabbing a can and stabbing holes into it…something I’m quite good at.

In order to maintain the cans shape you actually have to fill it with water and freeze it before pounding your holes in. This takes a little “pre-planning” and if you’re an impulsive crafter you might not appreciate the waiting game.

After freezing our water and poking holes into the cans, we melted the ice out and threw a battery powered candle inside. You can see the full episode over at The Stir, but I will say I was delighted with the how it turned out. I never expect these things to work but it actually turned out cute!

…in the dark.

During the daytime it just looks like a messed up hanging can.

It’s a small price to pay.

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