31 September Vlogging Prompts

september vlogging prompts

Vlogging on a regular basis is hard enough to do on your own without any added inspiration. So here is some added inspiration, a complete list of September vlogging prompts to keep your YouTube channel happy!

31 September Vlogging Prompts

1.) Share some back to school tips.
2.) Fall is coming! Decorate your front porch or mantel.
3.) Bloopers reel…do you have outtakes from previous videos you can put together and share?
4.) Share a favorite app that you are loving.
5.) Complete the Back To School YouTube Tag (questions here)
6.) Show us what you’re wearing in an outfit of the day video!
7.) Review a product you love.

8.) Create Fall inspired “how-to” video
9.) Favorite Fall fashion…show us your boots!
10.) $1 Store Haul!
11.) I Heart Fall YouTube Tag (questions here)
12.) Make caramel apples.
13.) Tell us about something you learned this month.
14.) Ask your Facebook friends for questions to answer in an upcoming video!

15.) Day in the life! Show us what a typical September day is like for your family!
16.) Show us something in your state that we might not have in our state.
17.) Check out the top stories featured on Today and create a video response.
18.) Create a video that responds to viewer comments
19.) Share a favorite piece of Fall decor.
20.) Complete the sisters YouTube tag. (questions here)
21.) Unbox a package you received in the mail.

22.) Show us what’s in your makeup bag.
23.) Create a video inspired by something you pinned on Pinterest.
24.) Create a Fall inspired makeup tutorial.
25.) Show us what a day in your life is like.
26.) Complete the 32 random questions tag. (questions here)
27.) Half time recipe share! Create the perfect Football finger food!
28.) Show us what fall looks like in your neck of the woods!

29.) Create a Halloween inspired tutorial.
30.) Video compilation. Take a look at unused video clips from this month and compile them into a video of their own.
31.) End of the month haul! Share some of your favorite purchases from this month!

Click here for more fun YouTube Tags!



  1. says

    Ya know, I miss doing my vlog. This might be the kick in the rear I need to get started again. Consider the challenge (even if it wasn’t meant to be one) accepted. Woot!

    • says

      You can definitely consider it a challenge. With that list your should be able to come up with a SOLID video idea once a week! Consistent and easy…now to find the time. That’s the killer.

  2. says

    OMG! You are a god send… I love the idea of giving other moms and vloggers ideas to YouTube and/or write about.

    I am totally trying to get on my A-game and this was a such a big help! Mind if I use this idea (not the same topics, my ideas are flowing!) to share with my followers? I’d link back to you, of course!