Should Parents Smoke Pot

should parents smoke pot2

Pot smoking was legalized in Washington State and back when we voted for this I really didn’t have an opinion one way or another. I’ve been listening to my pothead friends debate the topic of legalization since high school, so when it showed up on the ballots I thought they would be thrilled. And they are. All that time they spent rationalizing that drug finally paid off.

On Mommalogues one of the questions we answered was should parents smoke pot in places where it’s legal, and now that it’s been legal here for awhile, I finally have an opinion:

(video here)

Maybe I just need to start carrying Febreeze on my person.

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  1. Kristina says

    Can they? Sure. Should they? Not if they can’t control themselves. I don’t and won’t smoke and I don’t drink hardly at all. But my father had a marijuana addiction and it affected his ability to parent. We would get hurt and he would be high and didn’t react as quickly as he should, if at all. So I would say the only times a parent should smoke marijuana would be if the kids are away or in bed. That way the younger ones are being supervised properly and the older ones aren’t watching you do it. Though make sure you talk to your older teens about smoking pot along with cigarettes and alcohol.