Spreadsheet Of Your Sex Life

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Some guy created a spreadsheet documenting his sex life. Each line of the spreadsheet showed the date he went looking for “whoopie” and in the next column added his wife’s response. Yes, no, headache, “still a bit tender from yesterday”…you know, the usual.

The internet being the internet, someone put it on Reddit and the whole thing went viral.

On Mommalogues this week we’re discussing how we would react if our husbands sent us a spreadsheet documenting our sex life…I mean “whoopie” life:

(video here)

How would you react if a spreadsheet of your sex life was sent to you?

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    I saw this, and I know most women were upset by it, but I thought it was hilarious! I’ve used most of those excuses! And I loved the ones that had an extra note, like, “I want to watch this movie (fell asleep 15 minutes later)” Loved it!

    If my husband made a spread sheet, I would say, “Look at that! We had sex three times! I deserve a break! Go make me a sandwich!”

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    Ha! I haven’t read that spreadsheet yet but I assume it’s kinda hilarious but sort of selfish and mean on the guy’s part. I’m pretty sure it might have upset women though, which is understandable.

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      Oh yes, plenty of women were upset by it because it’s yet another example of a man making a woman feel as if she owes him sex. I think the spreadsheet makes it clear this woman understands perfectly well she doesn’t owe him anything. ;)

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    A very long time ago, in the early days of our marriage, my husband (unbeknownst to me) was keeping track on a calendar who had “initiated” if we had sex. I saw the calendar some time later and asked what the marks with our initials were for. When he told me, I asked why he stopped keeping track. It was because he realized I was “interested” a lot more than he had been assuming! LOL

    I would be unhappy on a lot of levels if I was presented with a spreadsheet *now* but it might be a good way to keep track of details that get lost in the rest of life, and challenge your assumptions about how things go. I’m just not sure giving the actual spreadsheet to your partner is the smartest way to stimulate productive dialogue! ;)

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      Oh that’s hilarious! Very interesting that it revealed the opposite of what he thought it was going to reveal. That’ll teach him! I hope he stepped up the initiations after that! ;)

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    How does something like that get on the internet? I guess the question really is why document that part of your life. Maybe he just loves spreadsheets and was looking for yet another application. Given that most men (from media sources I’ve seen) don’t do well with the cuddle part at the end, I wonder if this guy ruin the whole event by rushing over to update his spreadsheet. Keep spreadsheet out of the sheets.