Writer’s Workshop: STOLEN During Recess

praying for your sins

 5.) It happened during recess….

Two Jesus inspired posts in one week…you guys are LUCKY! Or blessed. Or both.

The Catholic school I attended in 1st and 2nd grade shut down before 3rd grade and my mother reluctantly enrolled us in a public school. Since Dad died, there was a bit of financial pressure involved there and sending all of us to a public school was a heck of a lot cheaper then enrolling us in another private school.

Imagine my dismay when I got to this new public school and realized there was NO PRAYER.

No prayer??

That’s right.



I don’t know how those heathens expected me to study in a room without Jesus, so I brought Jesus to school with me. I had received a gorgeous, shiny, glistening rosary from my mother for my First Communion. I brought my expensive looking satin box to school with me and placed it at the corner of my desk,

I smiled at my friends as my beautiful beads sparkled.

Yes friends. Unlike you, I am a child of God. Do you see my rosary? I am a chosen one.

My friends liked my rosary so much that when I came back from recess after just one day on display, it was gone. STOLEN during recess.

I was crushed. I had not expected this kind of violation even at a public school.

After some silent prayer asking Jesus what the hell I was supposed to do now that my expensive/special item was stolen (not to mention the ultimate of punishments from my mother should she find out)….I heard his voice loud and clear, “My Child, Go forth and confront the guiltiest looking person in your class”.

So the next morning I did.

It was Lonnie.

She had asked me about my rosary and I mistook her inquiry as a desire to get right with the Lord. Instead I sold her on the idea of having a rosary of her own, so she took mine.

Before class began I nestled in next to her at her desk and I was all, “sigh…today is such a terrible no good very bad day…”

And she was all, “oh really why?”

And I was all, “Welllll…my beautiful rosary has been taken. It meant so much to me because, Jesus. And also because my Dad gave it to me before he died and it’s one of the last things I had to remember him by”.

(I said a quick Hail Mary for my lie, but it was a desperate time. I felt sure God would understand.)

Lonnie shifted and I leaned in a little closer and quietly whispered, “you know Lonnie? If you thought my rosary was pretty and wanted to bring it home to show your mom, I wouldn’t even be mad at you. I would just want you to bring it back.”

And Lonnie was all, “Really?”

And my brain was all “Oh hail no girl, I KNEW it was you, PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!” but my mouth said, “Mmhmm…promise.”

Lonnie brought the rosary back the next morning without the satin case and I was so pleased to have those sparkling beads back in my clutches that I didn’t even care about the missing satin case.

Well I did care a little bit because my rosary fit so perfectly into it’s expensive looking case, but I had my rosary! I brought it straight home and never brought Jesus to the classroom again.

Now it’s your turn!

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5.) It happened during recess….

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  1. says

    Brilliant! Although I think another Hail Mary could’ve helped you come up with a story to get the satin case back.

    • says

      “You know Lonnie, that satin case was a family heirloom passed down from my long lost great grandmother who’s only wish in life was that I keep that box safe. I’d sure hate to let her down….”

      …I’m too late with it, aren’t I?

    • says

      We weren’t super close even before “the incident” so no, we didn’t really hang out and then I moved back to a private school the following year. To my great relief.

  2. says

    You know what they say – as long as there are tests in public schools, there most definitely will be prayer. Glad you got your rosary back!

    • says

      Thank you! I still get washed over in relief every time I think of how she actually brought it back! Who admits to stealing? Not me, but I’m glad Lonnie did!

  3. says

    I adored this post – funny and poignant. Genius (then and now:). SO glad you got it back. I wonder where Lonnie is today?

  4. says

    Oh my GOD… erm… GOSH! Well, at least you learned a valuable lesson about never bringing Jesus to public school.

    Great post! I imagine Lonnie’s life has not been the sweetest…

    • says

      I hope someone since then has bought Lonnie her very own rosary. She deserves one too. Although I didn’t think so at the time. ;)

    • says

      A rosary made of legos…I’m sure combining those two things must be committing some sort of sin, but I will admit holy legos do intrigue me!

      • says

        Our Pastor as well. After blessing them he started sliding them together. The idea is that as you pray you put them together. Plus they look cool.

    • says

      I’ll be honest, I didn’t think there was a CHANCE she was going to bring it back and I didn’t really even know for sure she did it. I got lucky!

    • says

      Well I wasn’t technically supposed to be bringing things from home and Lonnie was a good girl, I think I didn’t want to draw any more attention to myself and the “situation” lol

  5. says

    Can you imagine how guilty you would feel after stealing a rosary of all things? Your amnesty program probably saved Lonnie years of therapy–enough that she could afford to replace that satin box.

    Speaking of amnesty, I have a confession. I screwed up my first attempt to link. I kind of went spastic during the cropping step and cropped my icon down to a sliver of nothing-ness. So, I left you with two links side by side–one how I wanted it and one totally pathetic. Sorry. If I had a satin case, I would give it to you now!

    • says

      So true! Lonnie would have felt terrible every time she looked at it. It’s a good thing I was there to intervene! ;)

      And no worries, I deleted the extra entry. We’re all good!

  6. says

    Great way of confronting Lonnie. I understand your wanting to take Jesus to school with you, although I had the opposite experience. I went to a protestant school while my parents were atheists and I hated prayer.

  7. says

    Oh Hail NO! Haha! A funny twist on a potentially sad story. But I gotta say, you were gutsy. I probably would have died than confront someone when I was that age. Good for you!