12 Things Every Teacher Needs

every teacher needs

I spent an entire morning filling a grocery cart with school supplies at Target the other day and it occurred to me there are far more things every teacher needs that were left precariously off the list. Since they’re too shy to ask, I thought I’d just put it out there.

12 Things Every Teacher Needs

1. A New Mug.
We all had that teacher.

wine in here
(via Avenue Blue)

2. Starbucks
And lots of it.
starbucks iv

starbucks and love
(via BuggaBooBearDesigns)

3. A Whistle
It didn’t work for Fraulein Maria, but she was only in charge of five.
whistle fraulein maria
4. Ryan Gosling
hey teacher
5. A service dog
Who else is going to retrieve all that Starbucks for the classroom? He will also come in handy on sick days…no need to call in a substitute.
service dog
6.  Duct tape
We all had that teacher.
duct tape teacher
Just make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

duct tape teacher2

7. A pillow…better yet:
This brilliant desk/bed by Athanasia Leivaditou! My kids already think their teachers live at the school, now they have no excuse to leave.

life desk bed

8. A classroom Treehouse
The perfect timeout spot to store misbehaving and/or sick children.

timeout(via Mytropolis)

10. A comfortable office chair
To prevent any back issues caused by leaning over a desk of course.

comfortable chair

11. WiFi
Definitely need WiFi to play (instructional) YouTube videos for the kids…they have to learn SOMETHING while they’re at school. Am I right?

youtube classroom

12. Frequent gifts
Don’t worry, I’ve got a good start on this one on my “Gifts For My Kids Teachers That I Will Never Actually Give” Pinterest board. So many gifts, all year long…in my mind.

pinterest boardWhat did I miss?

If this supply list could be filled I think I’d want to be a teacher again…


  1. says

    Starbucks! Yes! When I used to teach, Starbucks was always my first stop in the morning! I sure wish I was as lucky as my teacher friend though – she got a $200 gift card to Starbucks one Christmas! Of course, we worked for two entirely different demographics. Can you guess which one was mine? Let’s just say that I have a surplus of mugs. ;)