Witch’s Brew!

Witch's Brew

Halloween is on our heels and I’ll be ready with this mean Witch’s Brew! With a little help from a fancy glass, a maraschino cherry, blue curacao, orange juice, pineapple juice, and our good friend tequila…this brew could be yours too! It’s pretty…let’s see how it tastes:

(video here)

Find the full recipe at A Healthy Life For Me!

Zoomer Dino Love

My kids have been begging for a Zoomer since they released the dogs last year, so I loved seeing their reactions when a brand new Zoomer Dino arrived in the mail for us to review.

I’ll be honest, I thought since it was the Zoomer dogs they were pining after they wouldn’t be as excited about Zoomer Dino, but I was wrong.

They love him.

His name is Boomer. His eyes turn blue when he’s sweet and happy and they turn red when he’s angry…which is helpful, because then they know when to RUN.

He came with a whole list of hand movements you can do in front of his face to get him to sit, speak, whip his tail. This dinosaur is better trained than both of our dogs and poops 100% less.

A video posted by Kat Bouska (@mamakatslosinit) on

It also comes with a remote control that can make him run, chomp, and get angry with a flick of a button.

He chases, he’s fast, he roars and he’s just unpredictable enough to send my kids squealing and giggling down the hall. They have been so preoccupied with training their new little pet that their cries to each have one of their own have only INCREASED.

I have a feeling these will be topping each of their Christmas lists.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Zoomer. The opinions and text are all mine.

Writer’s Workshop: I Am An Idiot

lions den

2.) Hi, my name is ______ and I am an _______.

Hi, my name is Kat and I am an IDIOT!

These days we worry about how easily our kids are lured by faux online friendships and strangers with puppies at parks. I like to consider myself proof, that no matter how hard parents instill rules and fear…you can still fall prey and be a complete idiot.

One of the dumbest things I ever did was decide to take my mom and step-dad’s truck joy riding while they were on vacation.

The call of the open road with friends was too much to resist at the ripe, unlicensed age of 16.

I wasn’t licensed, but I should have been because my friend had been teaching me to drive for months and I did take drivers ed. I failed that class because I couldn’t pass the written tests, but I deserved to pass because I was such a great driver.

That wasn’t the dumbest thing I ever did though.

The dumbest thing I ever did happened after the truck I took broke down on the side of the freeway. My friends and I ran around the shoulder of the road like little lost ducklings.

When an old man pulled over to help, he took a look at the engine and said it was shot. (I had been ignoring a ‘service engine soon’ sign. also dumb.). He offered to take us home.

We all got in his jeep and directed him to my house.

He said he could tow my broken truck back to the house with his son who had a truck of his own, but he could only fit one of us with him.

I climbed back into his jeep by myself.

lions den2

He took me to his son’s house and the two of us went inside. It was dark, an old version of Godzilla was playing on the tv and his son, with his long scruffy orange beard, was eating his dinner. I sat at the kitchen table and watched him finish eating so that we could go get the truck. There was no small talk. Just me shifting quietly in my seat. Him slurping baked beans and hot dogs.

It crossed my mind that this could have been a bad idea, but I was too concerned about getting caught joyriding to think of anything else. I didn’t look for an escape. I didn’t have a plan of action should one of these men decide to attack me. I felt nervous, but was not at all prepared to fight for my life if need be. I was really just kind of hoping they were going to do what they said they were going to do.

But let’s be honest, they had a teenage virgin sitting in their living room who walked through the front door at her own free will. My parents were out of town and not one of my friends knew where I was. Not even my older siblings knew what I had been up to that day. How long would they have waited to alert authorities if I did not come back? Did any of us bother to write down his license plate number?

The truth is, I WASN’T a dumb girl…not typically. But the fear of getting caught joyriding in my parents car without a license overrode any sort of working brain cell I might have had. I walked right into the lion’s den to AVOID GETTING GROUNDED.

Idiot. Idiot. Idiot!

The three of us climbed back into the truck after the awkward dinner and I sat between the two strange men as we made our way to the freeway. Orange beard driving, his hands brushed my bare legs every time he shifted gears.

They took me to my truck. Roped it up. And drove us back to my house.

I thanked them and paid them with the money my Mom had left behind for pizza.

My friends and I were all relieved that I had not been killed in what very well could have been a Dateline mystery.

And My Mother nearly collapses to the floor in gratitude every time she hears this story. And then she slaps me upside the head as any good mother would. Of course, she didn’t catch wind of the story until years later.

But you know, at least now I have a life experience to impart to my own kids about how there’s nothing they could do that would make me so angry they should willingly go walking into a lion’s den.

Thank God those men weren’t lions.

lions den3

Now it’s your turn!

Mama's Losin' It

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3.) The last time someone called you a name.
4.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: rusty.
5.) List 5 ways you are different as a parent than your parents were.

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Keep Your Marriage Spicy!


I wrote about wanting to see Sex Tape awhile back and I finally watched it. Good Lord, Cameron Diaz’s sex life before she got married and became a mom in this movie was extremely…busy.

When I was invited to share my own tips on how to keep your marriage spicy I definitely had a few things to add!

I made a “keeping marriage spicy” video and God bless Pat for being such a good sport. He rarely makes an appearance in my videos because…well because I don’t want him in them, but also because he’s a private man.

So when I was all, “Hey, will you PLEASE put these adult sized footie pajamas on for my video? I PROMISE they’ll only see you in them for like a SECOND…” and he said yes? I was astonished.

Consider it his gift to the Internet (that’s you!).

Check out my marriage tips over at SheKnows today!

Vlogging Workshop: Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

sugar skull makeup tutorial

2.) Try your hand at a fun Halloween makeup tutorial.

I’ve been seeing tons of Sugar Skull makeup tutorials online and I figured if all of Pinterest can do it, then I can too! I gathered together some white face paint, a handful of paint crayons, red lipstick and eye lashes. What I discovered is that the people who do this makeup for Halloween are liars. They’re not ordinary humans, they’re MAKEUP ARTISTS. And I am too. Obviously:

(video here)

To see Halloween makeup done the talented way, watch Alicia’s video entry from last week’s link up. Talk about intense:

(video here)

Check out more of Alicia on YouTube and give her a subscribe! I just realized she did the sugar skull makeup tutorial two weeks ago as well…we’re practically twins.

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1.) Create and share a craft inspired by witches.
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3.) Spook somebody!
4.) Try a recipe that uses candy corn or pumpkin as an ingredient.
5.) Take us to the pumpkin patch.
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5.) Talk about your top tips for a successful Halloween night.
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Here are the vlogging prompts for the Wednesday 10/29 Link up:

1.). Share a favorite Fall recipe.
2.) Take us apple picking!
3.) Create a Halloween inspired hairstyle.
4.) Talk about something a spooky encounter you had.
5.) Talk about your top tips for a successful Halloween night.
6.) Free Day! Link up any video you haven’t previously shared in a Vlogging Workshop.

Now go make that video!

Worst Challenge Ever

health challenge2

I’m an inconsistent wife and mother. I get it.

About once a month I “turn over a new leaf” and decide I’m going to organize all the closets or I’m going to exercise or I’m going to wash clothes again, etc…

I’ll stick to my new leaf for awhile, but like all leaves, my new ones usually turn brown and die before floating gracefully to the ground. I get distracted by other goals and kids and fun projects and no longer have the time or desire to maintain what I set out to maintain.

When my husband came home from Cross Fit the other day telling me he was going to participate in a challenge, but had to think up a goal, I was all, “Cool! That’s great!”

And when he was all, “but I can’t really think of anything because I’ve already reached a healthy weight, I have large and tone muscles, and I’m all around really healthy and amazing!” (I’m ad libbing here folks)

And I was all, “Yes, that’s true honey!”

And then a day later he was all, “I think I know what my goal needs to be!”

And I was all, “Oh I can’t wait to hear more!”

And he was all, “I just really need to get consistent with my meals and maybe meal plan every week so that I have healthy things to eat at all times.”

And I was all, “Oh….”

And he was all, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal chef? That’s the dream right there.”

And I was all, “ahem. I suppose.”

And he was all, “And I need to eat as clean as possible. High protein, clean meals every night.”

And I was all, “You know Pat? This challenge of yours is starting to sound an awful lot like a challenge for ME. I mean…personal chef? Isn’t that basically what I am for this whole family?”

health challenge

And he was all, “well I don’t know…you didn’t cook anything tonight.” (Hold my earrings).

And I was all, “I mean, your goal to eat healthy meals consistently…we both know you’re not going to cook. It takes you three times as long to prep a meal as it does a normal human.”

And he was all, “Yeah I know!”

And I was all, “So if you want to succeed at your personal challenge it means you need ME to get more consistent with, not only planning your meals but planning clean eating, high protein meals, every night. This sounds like the worst challenge ever.”

And he smiled and was all, “thank you honey!”

And I was all, “A challenge is supposed to be something that is personally difficult for you to change. It’s supposed to make you a little uncomfortable. You’re supposed to feel like you accomplished something.”

He nodded emphatically agreeing.

And I was all, “personally I’d love to see you give up your daily coffee drink. It’s not clean or healthy and it’s expensive.”

health challenge3

….I don’t think Pat’s participating in The Challenge anymore.