Vlogging Workshop: Make A Halloween Wreath

How To Make A Halloween Wreath 2

There’s a little challenge happening on YouTube this month called Pintober and the idea is that you choose a pin to test in daily videos. I’ve decided I have enough spare time on my hands to participate. Which is code for “someone highly underestimated how much time a challenge like that will require and will undoubtedly quit half way through.” But let’s just see how far I get!

Today I’m sharing my first entry with my attempt to make a Halloween Wreath. There are about 50 million Halloween wreaths pinned on Pinterest, but I decided to make mine Gothic Chic just like the pin I saw that Desiree from The 36th Avenue did. Ours are…a little different…here’s how it’s done:

(video here)

I’m featuring Meaghan and Wendy who participated in the I Heart Fall YouTube tag together on their channel Long Story Short. Their answers are funny and chances are you’ll relate to at least one of them as they share their strong opinions about all things Fall. Take a look:

(video here)

Check out Long Story Short on YouTube and give those ladies a subscribe!

Now it’s your turn!

This week’s prompts:

1.) Complete the Social Media Book YouTube Tag (questions here)
2.) Half time recipe share! Create the perfect Football finger food!
3.) Video compilation. Take a look at unused video clips from this month and compile them into a video of their own.
4.) End of the month haul! Share some of your favorite purchases from this month!
5.) Free Day! Link up any video you haven’t previously shared in a Vlogging Workshop.

Link up!:

Get a jump start on next week’s video! Here are the prompts next Wednesday’s Link up:

1.) Share a “no carve” pumpkin decor idea.
2.) Make a Halloween wreath for your front door.
3.) Make a Halloween inspired beverage.
4.) Complete the Trick Or Treat YouTube Tag (questions here).
5.) Free Day! Link up any video you haven’t previously shared in a Vlogging Workshop.

make a halloween wreath

Vlogging Prompts For 10.08

vlogging prompts

Every week you’re invited to join me in a Vlogging Workshop focused on working together to create a community interested in video blogging!

  • To join, simply add a link to the Vlogging Workshop posted here every Wednesday that will direct viewers to your video (either on YouTube or your blog).
  • New vlogging prompts will also be posted on Wednesdays, so you will have a full week to create your video response!
  • I will feature a favorite video each week.
  • You can subscribe to this weekly newsletter if you’d like the video topics delivered early, along with a weekly vlogging tip.

To view more detailed instructions on how this weekly Vlogging Workshop meme works click here.

Here are the vlogging prompts for the Wednesday 10/08 Link up:

1.) Share a “no carve” pumpkin decor idea.
2.) Make a Halloween wreath for your front door.
3.) Make a Halloween inspired beverage.
4.) Complete the Trick Or Treat YouTube Tag (questions here).
5.) Free Day! Link up any video you haven’t previously shared in a Vlogging Workshop.

Now go make that video!

Stop Breathing!!!


I’ve been trying to curb my reaction to the kids when they breathe and chew. I used to yell at my sister about her loud breathing all the time when we were growing up. Kind of hard to enjoy TGIF Fridays when your sister can’t close her damn mouth.

Turns out she had a deviated septum. She literally could not breathe through her nose like the rest of civilization.

And then I became the bad guy for bullying her about it for years when I should have been celebrated as her hero for bringing attention to it in the first place.

I’m careful with the kids because I don’t ever want them to feel like repulsed by the sounds of them chewing and breathing. And I don’t want to encourage on this tendency to despise people who make loud mouth sounds.

I am SO polite when I say things like, “Would you mind chewing that in the farthest corner of the house instead of RIGHT NEXT TO ME please?”

I know I am failing at this because the other day I heard Maile say, “STOP! Now I know how MOM feels!!”

And then the other morning while Kainoa hovered over Laina while she played a game on her iPod, out of nowhere she snapped, “Stop breathing!!!!”

To which he replied with an exasperated, “I’M NOT!!!”

To which I giggled behind my computer screen because obviously he IS breathing.

But I put my Mom hat on and handled the situation in the most mature adult way I knew how, “Kainoa, if you want to watch Laina play games on her iPod you need to stop breathing.”

I got your back Laina.

kid talk

Writing Prompts For 10.02

writing prompts11

Every week you’re invited to join me in Writer’s Workshop by responding to one of the provided writing prompts posted each Tuesday. The directions are simple:

  • Choose a writing prompt from the list provided that inspires you most.
  • Write.
  • Come back this Thursday and link up by pasting the URL from your post into the list of thumbnails that will be displayed. Just scroll to the bottom of the thumbnail list, click the bold words you will see that say “Click here to enter” and you’re all set!

View more detailed instructions on how this weekly meme works in the Writer’s Workshop FAQs. To receive writing prompts in your inbox each week, subscribe to the writing prompt newsletter here.

Writing Prompts:

1.) September 29th is National Coffee day. How do you like your cup?
2.) What were you blogging about last year at this time? How have things changed?
3.) Your most favorite (or lease favorite) fall fashion trends.
4.) Throwback time! Share an old photo and tell us about it.
5.) List your top favorite things about Fall.

Some Favorite Entries From Last Week:

“I made it for my son to eat as breakfast, but am not sure I’m willing to share.” -Our Expat Life

“I love Fall; it’s Spring without the allergies: perfection.” -The Extra Pounds

“Fall is officially here. Mother Nature is very confused but fall is here.” -Forgetful Momma

“If I did what I loved I would be watching TV all day long with breaks to go to the movies.” -I Need A Playdate

“My husband was handling the stress worse than I was, and I was the one waddling around with 40 extra pounds.” -Cactus Bloom

Episode 49: Flower Pot Pumpkins

diy flower pot pumpkins

It is insane, the number of things we come up with when it comes to pumpkins.

What other fruit and vegetable do we spend two months decorating, carving, painting, eating, drinking, and lighting? I mean you name it, we’re going to try to pumpkinize it.

Aside from The Easter Egg, I’m not sure there is any other food that we go this ape shit over. And naturally, I have tossed my hat into the patch and decided to put one of these pumpkin crafts to the test!

Enter, my flower pot pumpkins. For my 49th episode of Crafty Mom’s (not so) Weekly Challenge I carved out a real pumpkin and a fake crafting pumpkin, and I turned them into the flower pots I’ve seen on Pinterest.

You can check out the entire episode here and see how easy this was to actually put together. They turned out really cute, but in the video I said I felt like I preferred the REAL pumpkin as opposed to those weird, fake, crafting pumpkins.

And I want you to know…it’s been a couple of weeks…and I’ve changed my mind about that.

pumpkin flower pot fail

Spy On Your Kids

Spy On Kids

This week on Mommalogues we were asked if we think it’s okay to spy on your kids. I say it’s our duty and right as parents. Children are like pets. I don’t let me dog just run around doing whatever he wants, I keep tabs on him. I can’t have him digging into the garbage and you can bet if he had a cell phone I’d be taking a peek at his text messages to make sure he’s not arranging a date to hump the poodle next door.

I need to keep tabs on my kids. And my husband. And my siblings. And my neighbors.


See what the other moms had to say on this one:

(video here)

Would you spy on your kids?

Also on Mommalogues this week:

Have you ever been mommy shamed by another mom?
Who is your mom role model?

What did you get in trouble for most when you were young?

31 October Writing Prompts

31 October Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are a great way to keep stave off writer’s block when it comes to journal writing and blogging. Use them for yourself or share them with your kids to inspire consistency and fuel that creative mind! Below is a list of 31 October writing prompts, peek back in next month for a fresh November list!

October Writing Prompts

1.) What were you blogging about last year at this time? How have things changed?
2.) Your most favorite (or lease favorite) fall fashion trends.
3.) October is National Book Month, tell us about the best book you’ve read so far this year.
4.) Share a recent text exchange that made you laugh.
5.) A blog post inspired by the color orange.
6.) A time you were teased.
7.) Create a fall inspired bucket list.

8.) The dumbest thing you’ve ever done.
9.) Write about something that creeped you out.
10.) Your first Haunted House.
11.) What’s cooking in your slow cooker?
12.) Show us your pumpkin patch.
13.) Your top Fall must haves if money were not an option.
14.) A time you put your foot in your mouth.

15.) Create something inspired by Pinterest, was it a win or a fail?
16.) Hi, my name is ______ and I am a _______.
17.) The last time someone called you a name.
18.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: rusty.
19.) A memorable Halloween costume.
20.) List 5 ways you are different as a parent than your parents were.
21.) Address a pet peeve.

22.) Something that scared you when you were young…are you still afraid?
23.) List 7 things you miss about being a kid.
24.) Write a post inspired by the word: bitter
25.) Hand your child a camera and share life captured from their perspective.
26.) Share a favorite fall view.
27.) Write about a sleepover that did not go as planned
28.) Polar freeze or highest temps your state has seen…what would you rather?

29.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: football
30.) List 7 ways to survive a power outage.
31.) Write a post in just 12 lines.