Episode 52: Pinterest Christmas Ornament

I feel like it’s been awhile since I shared my latest Crafty Mom challenge. Probably because the Halloween ghosts I made were hideous and my Thanksgiving Thankful Tree was a published a little too late to share in time for Thanksgiving.

This month my task was to recreate three popular Pinterest Christmas ornaments.

The Melted Snowman.

ornament snowman

The Melted Peppermint Cookie Cutters.

ornament mint

And the Mod Podge Fabric balls.

ornament fabric

Only one of those three ornaments made me want to poke myself in the eye. Can you guess which one?

You can view the project in it’s entirety here and check out all of my Crafty Mom projects here!

Looking forward to more Pinterest inspired fun in 2015!

Episode 48: Tin Can Lantern DIY

tin can lanterns diy

For episode 48 of Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge, I tackled the tin can lantern diy I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest.

This project was a little more challenging than it looks because it’s not as easy as just grabbing a can and stabbing holes into it…something I’m quite good at.

In order to maintain the cans shape you actually have to fill it with water and freeze it before pounding your holes in. This takes a little “pre-planning” and if you’re an impulsive crafter you might not appreciate the waiting game.

After freezing our water and poking holes into the cans, we melted the ice out and threw a battery powered candle inside. You can see the full episode over at The Stir, but I will say I was delighted with the how it turned out. I never expect these things to work but it actually turned out cute!

…in the dark.

During the daytime it just looks like a messed up hanging can.

It’s a small price to pay.

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Episode 47: Ice Cream In A Bag

ice crean in a bag

My most recent Crafty Mom Challenge for The Stir was to attempt to make ice cream in a bag. There are countless ice cream pins making the rounds on Pinterest and I am all for any idea that will keep my kids occupied, cool, AND fed. Ice cream in a bag seemed to meet my trifecta of summer survival needs, but does it work?

You can watch the video at The Stir (it auto plays on my site for some reason), but the short answer is yes of course it works. What the video doesn’t show you is that my kids started complaining about shaking the bags 30 seconds into it, because you know…hard work.

But it did work!

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4th of July Graham Cracker Flags

Pinterest inspired me to create edible American flags for the 4th of July. I know it’s in poor taste to burn a flag, but I’ve never heard anything negative about consuming one, so that’s exactly what I did.

With a little frosting, berries, licorice, marshmallows and graham crackers you can eat your own American flags too.

Take a look at how I put my 4th of July Graham Cracker Flags together over at The Stir!

Episode 44: Fabric Covered Flower Pots

My 44th episode of Crafty Mom involves improving the boring and drab Teracotta pot with a pop of color and texture. Hundreds of people have pinned their own fabric colored flower pots and of course they all looked amazing, so I had to see if this was something even a simpleton could accomplish.

And it worked! Fabric can definitely stick to and improve the look of a flower pot, however, what the video won’t tell you is that I ignored the directions that encouraged me to leave the pot “indoors” and set out on my front porch with my other plants.

And then it rained a bunch.

When fabric gets wet in the rain for a few days and then dries and then gets wet again…well it starts looking grungy. My advice to other simpletons attempting this craft would be to keep your fabric covered flower pots out of the rain.

You can view the full episode over at The Stir and check out my other Pinterest inspired projects!

Episode 44: Seedlings In Eggshells

Episode 44 of Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge consisted of me attempting to grow seedlings in eggshells.

At first I was like, “are people bored??”, because who has time to think stuff like this up? And then follow through with it? And then turn it into some kind of viral idea that you can also use as a centerpiece?

Just below those people you will find a weirdo mom willing to not only try it, but also document it via video. And that mom is me.

I do realize that for those who garden from seeds on up, this is actually an environmentally sound way of starting those sprouts because you can add the little plant to your garden, eggshell and all.

But I still think you might be a little bored.

Check out the full episode at The Stir and you can find more amazing viral pins tested and tried by me over there too!

Episode 43: Shaving Cream Egg Dyeing

My 43rd episode of Crafty Mom’s Weekly Challenge was spent with Kainioa as we attempted the shaving cream egg dyeing strategy I had seen on Pinterest.

Obviously, it’s a little too late to jump on this bandwagon, but next year if you have shaving cream and food coloring on hand just remember it’s all you need to have a good time! Well…and the eggs.

You can watch me and Kainoa work through the process over at The Stir, but here’s a little behind the scenes sneak peek:

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And for a Happy Easter bonus, take a look at Kainoa hitting the Egg Hunt hard and making one quick lap around the yard before giving up. He gets so overwhelmed with all the people taking the eggs that he just quits before he starts. He did the same thing earlier in the morning for the Easter egg hunt in our living room with his sisters and he did the same thing LAST year during our hunt. This kid can’t take the pressure!:

Pat was able to rally him back into egg hunting mode…I feel confident he will head out next year with renewed confidence.