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Cherries In Our Tree

August 22, 2013 · 5 comments

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My daughter bounced through the front door with a quick question…


“Mom? are those cherries in our tree okay to eat? Because I just ate a bunch!”


And I was all, “…we don’t HAVE a cherry tree…”

I was alarmed, but I couldn’t be bothered to investigate.

I still have no idea what cherries she was talking about, but I discouraged her from eating random bits of “fruit” in our yard from here on out.

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I believe I started blushing in seventh grade during a presentation I put together about Barbies and I haven’t stopped blushing since. Here’s a short list of things that make me blush…if I’d only known how that presentation on Barbies was going to snowball out of control:

When someone says “Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?”


When my boss says hello to me.


When I’m talking to a friend at a baby shower and suddenly realize all the other conversations have died down and I now have the attention of the entire room.


When I over tip my hair dresser.


When I under tip my hair dresser.




Remembering an embarrassing story.


Thinking about a time I once blushed.


Watching someone I love embarrass themselves.


Public speaking.


Replying ALL to an email intended for one.


I could go on…but I’m beginning to think I need to stop drawing pictures about what makes me blush and perhaps just pony up for a therapist.

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I was introduced to gold schlogger at a frat house in Seattle and because I hadn’t yet learned my limits with alcohol and the cool thing was to just drink a lot, I knocked back a number of shots, grabbed my beer cup (refilled as necessary) and soon found myself hugging a toilet on the floor of the community frat house bathroom.

drunk girl22

There is so much about this that makes me cringe now. The amount of alcohol consumed. That I somehow managed to find myself alone on a bathroom floor when my friends typically never left my side at parties. The *gag* BOYS COMMUNITY BATHROOM TOILET! Ewwww! And the fact that I was too inebriated (and sick) to care about ANY of that.

drunk girl 33

I remember this guy walking in and shouting out to his brothers, “Dude! There’s a chick in here!” Perhaps some muffled laughing. He walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder, “hey are you okay?” To which I slurred something like, “just go away I’m fiiiine!!!”

drunk girl 44

Because clearly.

drunk girl4

And then he was all, “Come on we need to get you out of here…who are you here with?”

And I was all, “Hey where’s my friennnnds?”

And he was all, “Just come with me, this is gross and you have to stand up. You’re not going to sleep in here all night.”

And I was all, “But I’m comferrtable…”

Because clearly.

drunk girl4

And he pulled me to my feet. He practically carried me down the hall…he opened the bedroom door…he walked me over to a bed…

drunk girl5

and he turned to all of my friends and said, “she needs to get some sleep you guys…she’s pretty sick…”

drunk girl 6

It never crossed my mind that I might be in danger of anything more than a horrid hangover back then. I naively believed nothing could happen to me as long as my friends were in the building.

I was just having fun.

But I wish I could find that guy now, and thank him for not raping me. Such a polite young man!!

I don’t drink gold schlogger at frat houses anymore.

drunk girl 7

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There’s a pretty awesome story that was published back in 2009 about an autistic artist named Stephen Wiltshire who spent 20 minutes in a helicopter over New York and then drew an 18 foot replica of the city.


The beauty in the details he captured is absolutely mind blowing and you can read more about it here.

new york drawing

Now I don’t mean to make this “all about me” again, but Stephen Wiltshire reminds me of a certain little artistic prodigy I happen to know very well…


After just ten years of living in the Seattle area she was able to sketch this replica of the city in less than 20 minutes.


Just saying.

A World Like That

April 4, 2013 · 4 comments

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What if balloons still brought us as much joy now as they did when we were kids.

And when we spotted them we just HAD to have one.


And when we lost one it was like the WORST thing that could ever happen!


What if losing balloons was as bad as things would ever get.

I think I might enjoy a world like that.