Girls Are Easier

Easier To Raise

On Mommalogues this week we were asked to share if we thought boys or girls are easier to raise, and while obviously all children in the whole wide world are different and I’m only dealing with three of them…I can say from my own experience GIRLS ARE EASIER!

My kids are still young, so I hope what they say about boys being easier as teens holds true. As it is, my two girls are perfectly trained little poodles.

My son? I love him more than anything, but I have referred to him as an untrained Great Dane. Lovable as all get out, but he will chew your couch up if you’re not paying attention. Just a little more difficult to whip into shape.

In addition to that, my Great Dane will run right into oncoming traffic. It’s not even that he’s not fearful or particularly brave, it’s more that he’s just completely clueless that he can actually be killed if he’s not careful.

So my answer to that questions was easy. Girls are easier because I don’t have to work nearly as hard at keeping them alive. Let’s see how the other moms weigh in!:

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Be My Manny

be my nanny charles in charge

This week on Mommalogues we talked about who we think would be a great male nanny and I really enjoyed watching all of the moms chime in with their input.

While I feel like I put a lot of thought into who would make the perfect manny for my kids, I have a feeling some were more more concerned in potential eye candy. That being said, I’m still pleased with my answer…Nick Lache, you can be my manny any day!

(video here)

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Spy On Your Kids

Spy On Kids

This week on Mommalogues we were asked if we think it’s okay to spy on your kids. I say it’s our duty and right as parents. Children are like pets. I don’t let me dog just run around doing whatever he wants, I keep tabs on him. I can’t have him digging into the garbage and you can bet if he had a cell phone I’d be taking a peek at his text messages to make sure he’s not arranging a date to hump the poodle next door.

I need to keep tabs on my kids. And my husband. And my siblings. And my neighbors.


See what the other moms had to say on this one:

(video here)

Would you spy on your kids?

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The Worst Thing Mom Cooks

the worst thing mom cooks
This week on Mommalogues our kids got involved to share what they think is the worst thing mom cooks. My kids reveal the very terrible meal I sometimes make them eat and in so doing, also reveal how absolutely irrational they are.

Maybe next week us moms can address the “worst thing” our kids cook. I’d love to address¬†last years Mother’s Day “pancakes”.

The worst thing MY Mom cooked for dinner was rice pudding. Gag me with a spoon! The texture, the pudding/rice combo, the raisins…who invented that awful mean and why in the world was my mother feeding it to me for dinner?

On the flip side, I LOVED it when she made little pizzas out of English muffins. DIVINE! I could eat them forever!

What did your mom cook that you loved and hated?

And take a look at all these kids ratting us out!:

(video here)

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Breastfeed Without A Cover

breastfeeding in public

This week on Mommalogues, the most difficult question for me to answer was the “What do you really think about moms who breastfeed without a cover?” question.

This is a topic I don’t really like to touch because I don’t want to offend women (some good friends of mine) who are true breastfeeding advocates and this is a sensitive issue.

They have been fighting for the right to nurse a child wherever we need to nurse a child and I think that’s great! Personally, however, I would have preferred sitting on the toilet of a bathroom stall while nursing then sit anywhere publicly.

I know. I set the movement back by saying that, but it’s true.

I didn’t want to do it covered in public because my babies didn’t like that and would knock the blanket down. And I didn’t want to risk being uncovered because I don’t like feeling exposed.

I didn’t even feel comfortable breast feeding in the comfort of my sisters living room while our children played…so maybe I’m extreme. It’s possible that my ridiculous need for absolute privacy contributed to my post baby anxiety levels.

So when asked to share what I REALLY think about women who breastfeed without a cover, well part of me feels proud of them for not caring because what is that like!?!

And part of me feels like if you’re going to put yourself out there like that, you can’t possibly be surprised that it makes some people uneasy. Sure, WE understand we’re a life source and providing actual food to a baby, but most everyone else sees boobs. OMG BOOBS!

Check out what the other Mommaloguers have to say about this one!:

(video here)

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Crazy School Supply List

back to school3

This week on Mommalogues we were asked to share what our crazy school supply list looks like. Each of us chimed in with some of the weirdest things we’ve seen on supply lists and while I’m happy with my answer, I wish I had mentioned the single sock that was on my daughter’s list this year.

One sock. For the dry erase board. Am I supposed to purchase a new pair and just keep the match at home? Certainly I can’t send a used sock for the teacher to wipe with. Or can I? That’ll teach’em!

Also, number two pencils…why do they have to be ticonderoga? What even IS that? Talk amongst yourselves.

Here are what the other mommaloguers had to add:

(video here)

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