Talking To The Wall


I’ve set a somewhat strict bar for my kids when it comes to “bad” words and name calling. It started when four year old Maile watched Spongebob and repeated the word “stupid”.

She tried to tell me she was talking to the wall, but she appeared to be looking directly at her sister when she said it.

I couldn’t prove that she wasn’t actually talking to the wall so I let it go, but I made it clear that calling each other names is not kind and not acceptable…just in case it was her sister she was looking at.

And it stuck!

Sort of.

They don’t call each other stupid, but they do call each other things like “Grandpa” and “chelsea” and “crydiaper.”

The other day Kainoa was all, “Mom? You know buns are a booty? Maile and Laina call me BUNboy. I don’t like that.”

And I was all, “Girls, stop calling your brother Bunboy.”

And they were all, “We were talking to the wall.”

I couldn’t prove they weren’t actually talking to the wall so I let it go.

In this house name calling is unacceptable…unless you’re talking to a wall. Those things are just ASKING for trouble!

ice cream mom

If You Have A Dress

at the beach

We all have our set of requirements when we’re looking for love. Things we think we have to have in order to hand our hearts over to someone completely.

He can’t have bad teeth.

He can’t have numerous children with a variety of different women.

He can’t snore or be bow legged or enjoy eating raw meat.

Mine was that he can’t be shorter than me, but I was willing to make an exception for one man in particular.

And then I married him.

Sometimes those requirements lose their importance when you really, really, really like the person.

Kainoa says you can only date him if you have a dress.

But I have a feeling he might find a girl he really, really, really likes in pants as well.

if you have a dress

Writer’s Workshop: Bright Floral Leggings


I realized Maile had forgotten a form at home that was due by the end of the day.

Typically I wouldn’t go to my kids school in a pair of bright floral leggings…

But this trip was going to be lightening fast.

So quick, that no one was even going to catch a glimpse of my leggings.

I’m not even a leggings kind of person.

I retired my floral leggings in third grade and never went back.

But by gosh, they’re everywhere now aren’t they?

So I tried some on and in the name of comfort and high fashion…I bought them.

It’s not my fault I happened to be wearing them on the Day Of The Forgotten Form.

I flew to school at the end of the day, just as my kids were loading their bus.

I caught Laina’s eye on my way into the office and waved her over, “Hey! You want a ride home today?”

But she declined and scurried to her bus.

I thought it was the company of her friends preferred, but when she got home she said, “Mom? How come you came to pick me up from school and how come you wore those PANTS?”

I guess it was the company of her friends pants she preferred.

Next time I’ll bring cheeseburgers. That should do the trick.

lainas happy

Now it’s your turn!

Mama's Losin' It

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The Prompts:

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3. You can go back to your childhood for one day. What day and age do you choose?
4. 8 things you’re putting off.
5. Write a Limerick!

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Brush Your Hair

When you’ve been curled up on the couch for three days with a fever.

And then crawl out of the haze ready to play again.

Without giving thought to the condition of your appearance.

Sometimes your older sister needs to step in.

brush your hair
“Don’t you think you need to brush your hair Laina?…You need to brush your hair, Laina.”


Keeping it real since forever.

She Was Talking About Birds


Yesterday Maile’s friend told her about how she saw a Hawk swoop down and claw a Pigeon. The Pigeon fell to the ground and everyone was sad.

Maile made a comment that was so endearingly simple.

“Kind of weird when one species kills the same species.”

She was talking about birds, but I was thinking about people.

Sometimes I think the world would be better off if we would just hand the reins over to the children.

Everything operates on candy and no killings of the same species.

Sign me up.

flying a kite2

Change One Thing

growing up

Laina asked me if I go back in the past and change one thing, what would it be?

And I was all, “I don’t know…what would it be for you?”

And she was all, “Well if I were you I know what I would choose! To not have my Dad die!”

And I was all, “True…but if my Dad didn’t die you wouldn’t have your Papa B. Our lives might be different. We might not have each other.”

And her face kind of looked like she wasn’t sure that was a trade she wanted to make and I was all, “You see how it’s not that easy?”

She nodded her head yes and I said, “What would you go back and change for your own life?”

And without hesitation she said, “Growing up!” like DUH.

She said eight would be the perfect age to stay forever.

But then she said the same thing when she was eight about being seven.

This is a little girl who appreciates how sweet it is to be a kid.

A Tooth In My Oreos

tooth in my oreos

“Mom? There was a tooth in my Oreos today, but I just threw it on the floor.” 

I know Nabisco likes to get creative with their Oreo flavors, but this is just getting ridiculous.


You threw a tooth on the floor?

What kind of ill-bred caveman am I raising?

He’s not a part of this system.