Kahlua Mudslide!

kahlua mudslide

I’m winding down this week with a drink that I actually did not find on Pinterest, but happened to spot at the store and wanted to try. I mean, I’m sure I could find it on Pinterest if I really tried and then we could legitimately call it a drink we saw on Pinterest. But who has time for that?

You wouldn’t believe how much easier drinks are to film when there isn’t an actual recipe involved. Premade drinks are my friend:

(video here)

Pick up a Kahlua Mudslide and cheers to your weekend!

Autumn Bourbon Sangria!

autumn bourbon Sangria

This week’s drink is the Autumn Bourbon Sangria as suggested by Jess from Shuggilippo. It’s a combination of red wine, whiskey, apple juice and fruit pieces. I don’t necessarily like 3 of those 4 ingredients, but I thought maybe combining them all might make them…good?

(video here)

For a full recipe check out The Life Styled Blog.

Apple Cider Sangria!

Apple Cider Sangria

I decided I just HAD to have this Apple Cider Sangria even though I don’t really like apple cider at all. Or apple juice. Or apple pie. Or apple flavored anything…the drink was just too pretty to pass up. I was sort of hoping that with the addition of wine and club soda, maybe I would love it! Did it work? Watch and find out:

(video here)

Find a full recipe over at How Sweet It Is and enjoy your weekend!

The Creepy Crawler

The Creepy Crawler

Halloween is over!

This is the first year that I got to take over our annual Halloween party and getting the house, food, and games ready was enough to cause me to mix together a little something for myself.

Thank you Pinterest and your recommendation that I have the Creepy Crawler alcoholic beverage to help numb the stress of the party planning. And by “numb the stress” I mean “If you drink enough of these you will stop caring whether or not your house is clean when your guests arrive.”

The only thing creepy crawly about this drink is the spider ring I attached to the side…and that wasn’t even ON the original drink. You’ll never guess what they actually suggested we throw in the glass. Needless to say, I didn’t have any on hand.


Check out the full recipe on Shape.com!

Witch’s Brew!

Witch's Brew

Halloween is on our heels and I’ll be ready with this mean Witch’s Brew! With a little help from a fancy glass, a maraschino cherry, blue curacao, orange juice, pineapple juice, and our good friend tequila…this brew could be yours too! It’s pretty…let’s see how it tastes:

(video here)

Find the full recipe at A Healthy Life For Me!

Trick Or Treat Halloween Punch

Trick Or Treat Halloween Punch

This week’s Trick or Treat Halloween Punch is for the kids!…mostly. I mean you can give it to your kids, they’ll be excited about it, but if you pour a little vodka in on the side you might want to keep that glass just to yourself.

I discovered it on my quest to make Halloween drinks every Friday of October and I can’t believe how easy it was. You just choose three different colored juices and pour them in a pitcher in order of sugar content (highest to lowest) I impressed my own self! Take a look:

(video here)

For the full, original recipe check it out on Spend With Pennies.


Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate!

Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate

Even though last week’s pumpkin drink was a disgrace, it did not dissuade me from following up with another pumpkin drink. This time I wanted to be a little more careful about the quantity of pumpkin puree I’d be digesting in the recipe, because gross. I thought this pumpkin white hot chocolate seemed to fit the bill! Watch me work my drink making magic:

(video here)

I cannot believe I was able to make something that tasted so similar to my favorite pumpkin spice latte, but ALSO had a kick to it. I’m thinking this will be the perfect little concoction for long rainy days stuck inside with the children. In the most responsible manner of course!

Visit The Minimalist Baker for the entire recipe and ENJOY…so so good.