Hula Dancer Cocktail!

The Hula Dancer Cocktail2

This week’s drink is the Hula Dancer cocktail and was a recommendation from my friend Jen! She requested it 45 weeks ago and since I’m awesome with follow through, I thought now was as good a time as any! Grab your lychee and grass skirts friends, you’ll need them to enjoy this drink!

(video here)

Full recipe here. Have a great weekend!

Lava Flow!

The Lava Flow

Today’s drink is a mixture of strawberry rum and pineapple slush and I am all about it!

I found the Lava Flow on Pinterest and traced this recipe back to The Chic Site. Be forewarned, there is a bit of effort involved. You need to blend a red mixture and then you need to blend a yellow mixture and then you need to mix the two mixtures. If that wasn’t already obvious by the picture.

Next time I’ll double the batch and drink with a friend!

(video here)


Jam Cocktail!

The Jam Cocktail

I found the Jam Cocktail on Pinterest and was intrigued at the idea of adding a scoop of JAM to what is essentially a glass of gin and lemon juice.

Much to my great joy I was able to trace the drink to my favorite Michael at Inspired By Charm and Marci and I got to work:

(video here)

Michael did mention you can make this drink with vodka if gin is not your thing. And he also kindly encouraged the use an actual lemon. The version Marci and I made is what would happen if you left Hoda and Kathie Lee alone with hard liquor.

Full recipe here!

Hippie Juice!

Hippie Juice

We went camping last weekend and I have a ton of wonderful photos and videos to share from that trip as soon as I get my act together.

We arrived a day before my siblings so I decided to take the opportunity to make a great camping-friendly drink I was seeing on Pinterest, Hippie Juice!

I usually hate filming anything in front of Pat, but he was quite helpful on this one and even made a very rare appearance!:

(video here)

1 Cup Watermelon Vodka
1/3 Cup Triple Sec
1/3 Cup Coconut Malibu Rum

This definitely makes my top ten list! Have a great weekend!

Check out my growing collection of drinks we tried on Pinterest here for more great recipes!

Razzy Blue Lemonade!


I had high hopes of recreating a red, white, and blue drink for the 4th of July, but as luck would have it…no.

The Razzy Blue Lemonade did not want to have any red in it whatsoever. I did manage to add my own decorative spin and salvaged my festive drink!:

(video here)

You can find the full recipe here!

Or you can just pour a shot of vodka and blue curacao into a glass, add a bunch of lemonade and top it off with that raspberry liqueur you don’t own.

On second thought…a bottle of wine goes a long way and is a heck of a lot less work.

Cheers to the weekend!

Bridesmaid’s Punch!

You don’t have to be a Bridesmaid to enjoy this week’s Pinterest drink! Marci and I tossed together Moscato, pink lemonade and 7 up and the results were perfection. I would keep the Bridesmaid’s Punch in my refrigerator at all times if it didn’t look like something my kids would want to get into it:

(video here)

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Mixed Berry Mojitos!

Mixed Berry Mojitos

This week’s drink was recommended by viewer Ashley H. who happened to see mixed berry mojitos on Pinterest. Berries, Rum and 7up never sounded easier so I thought I’d give it a try:

(video here)

I’ve been posting shortened versions of my YouTube videos on Instagram including video outtakes and lip sync battles against nobody in particular. Follow along if that sort of thing rocks your world:

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And of course you can access the entire collection of drinks we’ve tried from Pinterest here!

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Have a great weekend!