The Paradise Cocktail

the paradise cocktail

When I saw this Paradise cocktail on Pinterest and the bright red, blue, and yellow layers…I knew it had to be mine. Who doesn’t want to go to Paradise?

I wasn’t sure if I could recreate the layers as I saw in the picture, but it was worth a shot.

Or was it?:

(video here)

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Cocktail

fireball cinnamon whiskey cocktails

This week’s drink was a viewer suggestion. I do listen to people sometimes. After seeing my previous Whiskey Blush Sour was a fail, Willow Star pleaded with me to find a drink that incorportates Fireball Whiskey.

So I did.

Introducing the Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Cocktail!

The results are much betterL

(video here)

Make your own:

1 Shot of Fireball Whiskey
Top with 7UP
Splash with Grenadine
Hot Tamales to garnish


Collection Of Drinks We Tried From Pinterest

Collection of Pinterest Drinks Tested

Thirsty fella?

I thought I’d go ahead and make a one stop shop for all the drinks we tried from Pinterest so far. Every Friday for a over year now I’ve been trying a new Pinterest inspired drink and then determine whether or not it’s worth your time. Even though you have most likely made ZERO attempts at my recommendations and half of you don’t really drink at all. Here I am…still taking one for the team and trying them for you anyway. I’m team player like that.

Click on an image below to go that drink’s recipe page!

Image Map

Image Map

Image Map

Image Map

Image Map

The Georgia Peach

Nothing like the lovely taste of the Georgia Peach to kick off a bright spring/summer time future! I’ll be honest, the smell of peach will always remind me of my very first time getting “inebriated”. My best friend wore a shot glass around her neck and we all took turns pouring Peach Schnapps into it. I was drunk for about 30 seconds and spent the rest of the night vomiting. 20 years later I still have mixed feelings about all things peach. So…wait, why did I choose this drink again?:

(video here)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Blushing Whiskey Sour!

blushing whiskey sour2

I saw this pretty blushing whiskey sour on Pinterest and was sold on it when I realized it only required a few ingredients.

But when I sat down to film and realized I wasn’t exactly crazy about the ingredient options…it was too late. I was hoping an icy glass filled with whiskey, blackberries, and simple syrup would maybe taste like something other than whiskey and simple syrup.

Was I right? Take a looksy!:

(video here)

Have a great weekend!

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

raspberry beer cocktails

Pinterest is at it again, trying to convince me to give Raspberry Beer Cocktail a shot. I think we just improved beer with this recipe. Not a huge surprise since I wasn’t a big fan of it to start with. Any handful of fruit and juice could improve that stuff. Maybe.

(video here)

Just mix a Corona with a couple scoops of frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate and a shot of vodka. Add a handful of raspberries for a lovely Spring garnish type thing and enjoy!

Grapefruit Mimosas!

grapefruit mimosas

Happy Easter weekend!

This week’s drink is all about taking a perfectly great regular mimosa and then changing all of the ingredients, but still call it a mimosa. For example, a typical mimosa contains orange juice and champagne, but for the Grapefruit mimosas that Pinterest wants me to try, you need Grapefruit juice, sparkling, water and vodka.

See how they’re kind of the same and yet not the same at all? That’s why we love them.

But do we really love them?

Watch this video and find out!:

(video here)

Cheers and enjoy your weekend!