Friday Drink: Moscato Lemonade

Mixing my favorite sweet wine with my favorite sweet summer drink…it’s about as easy as it sounds, but the dancing is a little something extra I threw in just for you:

Wine + Lemonade + Strawberry Flavored Vodka = a great way to ring in the weekend. Enjoy your Moscato Lemonade or just imagine what it might be like to enjoy such a drink if you actually felt like making it.

Pink Starburst Cocktail

pink starburst cocktail

This week I’m sharing a drink called the Pink Starburst Cocktail I found on Pinterest and traced back to Happy Food Healthy Life. Pop on over there for the entire recipe (and gorgeous drink photos).

To be honest I think it’s just pretty drink photos that suck me in every time because I’m honestly not a weekly drinker…not until I forced myself to become one on YouTube with my Friday drinks. The pictures are just so dang pretty, it would be a waste not to taste them amiright?

Watch the video to find out whether or not this one was a success for me!:

(video here)


Jack And Coke With Jess

jack and coke2

Cheers to the weekend!

Today I’m sharing a Friday drink that you can make from the comfort of your hotel room. This technique comes in really handy for people who happen to be staying in hotel rooms and find themselves thirsty…for…alcohol? Yes. Exactly that.

I found myself in a hotel room with Jess from Shuggilippo and wouldn’t you know we were both thirsty for alcohol? This is how we made the most of our mini bar:

(video here)

Check out Jess’s hilarious YouTube channel and pour yourself a little Jack and Coke to ring in your weekend!

The Mr. Hash Paloma!



This Friday’s drink might very well be my favorite of the summer because it’s so incredibly easy to make and you can’t taste a bit of the tequila. I’m noticing that I like my alcoholic beverages to taste as little like alcohol as possible.

The Mr. Hash Paloma was introduced to me by Francesca’s husband when I visited for our weekend trip to Blogher. He won his way into my heart and now the bar has been set for any other of my friend’s husbands:

(video here)

Mr. Hash Paloma Ingredients:

  • Squirt
  • Tequila
  • Lime
  • Mint

Mix with ice and enjoy!

I wish it was a little longer because now that giant title seems a little anticlimactic, but that’s really all you do. So have a great weekend!

Cheers To The S’mores Martini

smores martini
Cheers to the weekend!

I made a S’mores martini to celebrate that old campfire favorite and about midway through I realized the only thing really “s’more” about it was the toppings. So you could basically just do this to a glass of chocolate milk and your kids will think you are THE COOLEST ever.

Or you know, you could just stick with the alcohol version and high five yourself when they’re in bed.

To make one you need equal parts:

  • Baileys
  • Marshmallow Vodka
  • Milk

And then top with:

  • Whip cream
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Marshmallows
  • Graham Cracker

Resist the urge to just pour the toppings into a bowl and settle in for the evening with a bowl “s’more”. Tempting though for sure. Take a look at how it turned out:

(video here)

And enjoy!

I know you’re not going to make this.

Strawberry Vodka Lemonade

Nothing says Summer Vacation more than a nice glass of iced lemonade. Today I’m adultifying that drink by by adding strawberries and vodka and wine. This weekend I’ll open my own strawberry vodka lemonade stand…not to sell…just a stand for me to sit and drink at:

(video here)