Zoomer Dino Love

My kids have been begging for a Zoomer since they released the dogs last year, so I loved seeing their reactions when a brand new Zoomer Dino arrived in the mail for us to review.

I’ll be honest, I thought since it was the Zoomer dogs they were pining after they wouldn’t be as excited about Zoomer Dino, but I was wrong.

They love him.

His name is Boomer. His eyes turn blue when he’s sweet and happy and they turn red when he’s angry…which is helpful, because then they know when to RUN.

He came with a whole list of hand movements you can do in front of his face to get him to sit, speak, whip his tail. This dinosaur is better trained than both of our dogs and poops 100% less.

A video posted by Kat Bouska (@mamakatslosinit) on

It also comes with a remote control that can make him run, chomp, and get angry with a flick of a button.

He chases, he’s fast, he roars and he’s just unpredictable enough to send my kids squealing and giggling down the hall. They have been so preoccupied with training their new little pet that their cries to each have one of their own have only INCREASED.

I have a feeling these will be topping each of their Christmas lists.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Zoomer. The opinions and text are all mine.

Keep Your Marriage Spicy!


I wrote about wanting to see Sex Tape awhile back and I finally watched it. Good Lord, Cameron Diaz’s sex life before she got married and became a mom in this movie was extremely…busy.

When I was invited to share my own tips on how to keep your marriage spicy I definitely had a few things to add!

I made a “keeping marriage spicy” video and God bless Pat for being such a good sport. He rarely makes an appearance in my videos because…well because I don’t want him in them, but also because he’s a private man.

So when I was all, “Hey, will you PLEASE put these adult sized footie pajamas on for my video? I PROMISE they’ll only see you in them for like a SECOND…” and he said yes? I was astonished.

Consider it his gift to the Internet (that’s you!).

Check out my marriage tips over at SheKnows today!

Camping With Chevrolet #Chevy4G

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chevrolet. The opinions and text are all mine.

I snuck away with my family on a camping trip this summer and it was awesome. We went fishing and bike riding, made s’mores and barbecued hotdogs.

One of the beautiful things about working online is that you have the luxury of setting yourself up to leave, as long as you complete your work ahead of time and have some sort of Internet connection to peek in on potential time sensitive emails. The last thing I want is to sabotage future jobs or be part of the bottleneck stopping other people from completing their jobs while they wait for a reply from me.

If I’m going away for an extended time (longer than a weekend), I’ll let people know I’m going to be gone and come up with a backup plan so they’re not waiting on me for anything. But in the case of this camping trip I thought I could sneak away and not tell anyone. I could check on my work first thing in the morning, maybe again midafternoon and one last time before bed. Surely I could complete any outstanding work from my phone while camping!

Except that my phone could not connect to anything at all.

When I learned that Chevrolet is the first automotive company to bring 4G LTE Wi-Fi into their cars, trucks and crossover vehicles I instantly began thinking of all the moments an Internet connection would have come in handy (obviously while parked) and that camping trip was the first on my list.

If I’d had the luxury of internet access from the comfort of our car I definitely feel like I could have relaxed a little more during our trip.

Apparently the 2015 Malibu and Impala (pictured below) are available with built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi and can connect up to seven devices. The other 2015 models pictured will be equipped with Wi-Fi soon!

I’ll take one of each!

Chevrolet is merging the physical freedom of the car with the virtual freedom of Wi-Fi to become the first and only car company to bring built in 4G LTE Wi-Fi to the largest vehicle line-up. Visit http://s.chevy.com/TBX to learn more.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chevrolet. The opinions and text are all mine.

We Don’t Like Bugs

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of K9 Advantix® II. The opinions and text are all mine.

We fostered rescue dogs for two years before we decided to take the plunge and adopt one. I wanted to make sure my kids could be gentle with an animal in the house and I wanted to slowly warm my husband up to the a life long friend.

When we got Jack it was completely on my husband’s terms. He had a specific “type” of dog in mind and I hunted one down that fit his checklist.

Small? Check.

Non shedding? Check.

Family friendly and smart? Check check!

Jack is a shih-tzu mix and was such an amazing fit for us that two years later we found him a girlfriend to match. As pack leader, I take on the duties of chasing the dogs down the street when they slip out the front door.

As assistant pack leader my husband takes care of everything else. He is hyper aware of excessive itching, allergies, and God forbid he see a flea on one of those animals…he starts attacking every freckle he finds on every human in our house.

We don’t like bugs on our animals. Ever.

And I don’t like chasing them home from the neighbors house, but I don’t think there is a solution for that yet. In the mean time, Bayer K9 Advantix® II is exactly what we need to keep my husband from attacking freckles on the rest of us. Once we protect our dogs with Bayer’s repellent he can rest assured there are no ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes around to be concerned with and we will all be happy!

The bond between you and your dog is a special one, and you’ll go to great lengths to keep your furry family member safe and healthy. K9 Advantix® II is a once-a-month topical application for dogs and puppies that REPELS and kills ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. Visit http://petparents.com/products to learn more.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of K9 Advantix® II. The opinions and text are all mine.

4 Successful Summer Morning Habits

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

I’ve been enjoying summer time with my kids this year. They’re definitely becoming little self managers as they get older, but here are 4 successful summer morning habits I try to encourage them to follow to make sure things run smoothly around here!

1. Sleep In

THEY’RE SLEEPING IN!! Every morning I let this little nugget of goodness seep into my consciousness. They’re. sleeping. in. I’ve always been a huge advocate of lots of sleep…not just because the house is a million times quieter and they look so cute, but because so much growing occurs during sleep. It’s taken seven years, but they’re finally allowing themselves to rest.

2. Get Creative

My kids are pretty good about balancing TV/tech time with creative play, but sometimes need a little creative encouragement to put the gadgets down. There is a golden hour every morning when they ignore me completely and play on their own.

3. Get Outside

I feel guilty if my kids are inside all day so if I’ve finished working and can see they’re starting to climb the walls, we leave. Sometimes it’s the library, sometimes it’s a water park or zoo, sometimes it’s the grocery store, and sometimes it’s bike riding with friends…but I need to get those legs outside! And probably mine too.

4. Eat!

It starts in the morning, but all day long “I’m hungry” is the number one complaint here so I nip it from the start by prepping platters of food at a time and we have an open smoothie policy. Add any fruit/veggie of your liking to any healthy drink of your liking and BAM…make your own smoothie. Under my supervision of course, because they’ll destroy my kitchen making the simplest of concoctions if left to their own devices.

For this smoothie Maile is using the new Silk Protein + Fiber Almond Blend. I love that they can excitedly put a drink together using so many healthy ingredients. It sure makes morning meal planning a whole a lot easier!

Visit Silk on Facebook to get your Silk product coupon.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

Sex Tape In Theaters July 18!

I can’t wait to see Sex Tape in theaters July 18th!

Not my sex tape, the movie Sex Tape. Initially I was reluctant to write anything about ANYONE’S Sex Tape until I watched the trailer for this movie and then I was hooked, take a look:

The gist is that Cameron Diaz (who plays a mom blogger) and Jason Segal decide to spice up their passionless marriage by getting creative in the bedroom. They film the entire thing and then accidentally send it to “the cloud”.

Can you even imagine? The idea of any unwanted content making it’s way through the in boxes of everyone you know is terrifying enough, but if it was content like that I would die a thousand mortifying deaths.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this resolves itself and in the mean time am excited to share I’m being featured as a guest blogger on the Sony Pictures Who’s Yo Mommy blog that Cameron Diaz’s character owns.

I’ve written up my own list of 10 ways to keep passion in a marriage and spoiler alert, none of them include sending a sex tape to “the cloud” so I’m already winning!

sex tape 2

Not A Numbers Person

I decided I would take control of my family’s finances while I was pregnant with my firstborn baby. No, finances are not my forte. No, I did not pass any math class with anything higher than a C average. In fact, my C’s were celebrated.

My history of not being a “numbers person” did not deter me from taking charge of our bank account. I could balance a checkbook AND pay bills. How hard could it be?

My husband was supportive (albeit cautiously) and handed over the reigns to our accounts. And I was amazing. I kept track of every dime, checked our accounts frequently and made our payments on time. Until I didn’t.

I started slipping up on my bill paying routine and wouldn’t you know they actually charge a late fee when you don’t get those in on time?

I decided to set up an automatic payment plan where money was withdrawn from our accounts to pay our collectors and I wouldn’t have to lift a finger. I thought this was a great idea.

After a few months I realized my bank was actually charging me a fee each time I used this new method of payment. In fact, every single time a payment went toward our bank issued credit card, they tacked on an additional 5 dollar service fee.

I was outraged. How dare the bank offer the ability to make automatic payments online and yet not be forthcoming about the fact that they actually CHARGE to use that service!

When I called the bank to complain I was assured they actually do not charge for this service and I was all, “Impossible, clear as day I see a recurring charge for these scheduled payments.”

And then I realized I had set up payments to occur AFTER the actual bill due date. Because when you log in to pay a bill on the 5th that was due on the 1st and decide to set up bill pay to happen automatically every month on the 5th…well you continue to receive late fees because your bill is supposed to be paid on the FIRST.

Leave it to me to manage to set up a late bill pay for myself.

Luckily my supportive (albeit cautious) husband was able to laugh (AND LAUGH) about my mishap instead of making me feel terrible for losing money each month.

At least I have a wonderful lesson to pass on to my own children when they’re ready to take control of their finances, chances are one of them might not be a “numbers person” either.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust Bank. The opinions and text are all mine.

At SunTrust Bank their purpose is lighting the way to financial well being. They help you get organized, make a plan, and stay on track so you can get and stay in control of your finances. When you are confident about about your money, you can save for your goals and splurge knowingly on what matters most to you.

To get started visit suntrust.com/getorganized.