Best Puppy Surprises!

Best Puppy Surprises

This week’s viral video trap award goes to whoever created and shared this video surprising these kids with a puppy. Is there anything better on Earth than puppy surprises?

Watch as one parent sets the puppy surprise on the floor while the kids are doing homework and the other parent films,. The kids’ reactions after discovering him are priceless!:

puppy surprise

And then of course there is Emma who got a special puppy surprise for her birthday (and over 2 million views on her YouTube video to boot!):

puppy surprise emma

But I have to say, almost equally adorable are all the OLD people on YouTube getting puppy surprises. I never really considered the fact that such a sweet little gift could make even the veteran gift receivers this happy!

puppy surprise grandpa

And we can’t forget Grandma!:

puppy surprise grandma

I have a feeling my own mother would be considerably less excited, but it sure makes me want to surprise someone with a puppy!

Best All About That Bass Covers

Best All About That Bass Covers

One of our favorite songs lately is Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass.  She performed the song on Ellen and as it turns out the song was originally inspired by one of Ellen’s shows that touched on photoshopping models. Meghan watched that episode and turned around and produced a hit. Here’s the original (80 MILLION views)!:

Naturally, when I love a song I just HAVE to go looking for who’s covering it on YouTube and today I have gathered for you the best All About That Bass covers I could find.

This one with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots with classroom instruments:


I really love this old school “All About That (Upright) Bass” version:

All About That Upright Bass

This little girl hit the cover out of the park with her ukulele! (song starts at the 48 second mark):

All About That Bass Cover

And finally we’ve got to have some male representation. Definitely one of my favorites, I love Emblem 3 attacked this cover! They’re super talented:

All About That Bass Emblem 3 Cover

And now you don’t have to fall down the All About That Bass Covers rabbit hole on YouTube. I did it for all of us. Research really.

Hearing For The First Time

hearing for the first time

In case you were looking for a good happy cry this afternoon, I thought I’d share the YouTube rabbit hole I fell into this weekend.

I watched this video of a little baby hearing for the first time and immediately sent it to my Mom and sisters. It is absolutely the sweetest reaction, even my sister’s husband got sucked in and now it has over 9 million views on youTube:

And of course that led me to Jonathon’s beautiful reaction to hearing his mom’s voice for the first time:

It reminded me of the video that went viral a couple of years ago where 29 year old Sarah hears for the first time. Equally tear provoking:

This little girl is shocked to here her OWN voice for the first time:

Ohhhh the things we take for granted. Pass the tissue.

Viral Videos Of The Week: Skidboot Parody

One might say I have a bit of an obsession with YouTube videos…making them, watching them, finding fun people to follow.

Here are some of my most recent favorites:

I remember watching Skidboot when he made his debut appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. This dog is phenomenal and this video alone has racked up over 5 million awestruck views:

I had forgotten all about Skidboot until a couple weeks ago when my friend Jessi put together this hilarious Skidboot parody:


Other videos you must watch?

This sweet guy finding out he’s going to be a grandpa during his daughter’s pregnancy reveal made me cry (11 million views!):

pregnancy reveal

This funny dad compiled three months worth of Saturday morning snippits that are supposed to portray parenthood at it’s core (2 million views):


And the cast of The Lion King made me want to travel everywhere with them. Apparently they never stop performing (16 million views!):

lion king

YouTube Viral Videos: Pumpcast News with Will and Monifa Sims

Last week one of my Facebook friends shared a video that I’m STILL thinking about. I want this couple to adopt me.  Basically Jay Leno has a series on his show that they call Pumpcast where they prank unsuspecting gas pumpers, in this case Pumpcast News with Will and Monifa Sims. They asked the man pumping gas to sing a song and before you know it his wife is involved and the whole thing is just awesome. I love how happy they seem:


They were so loved they were actually asked to come TO the Jay Leno show and perform:


And I’m going to ignore the part where people claim this was all a fraud for good tv and that the couple featured were set up. They deny it and I believe them dammit!

How much of reality tv do you think is really staged?

YouTube Viral Videos: Conversations With My Two Year Old


When I first caught wind of the YouTube Viral Videos “Conversations with my Two Year Old”, I was mildly annoyed that in less than a month the creators of that series have already hit 125,000 subscribers.

But then when I watched the videos I was all, “ohhhh that’s why they’re making waves…they’re talented”. Take a look at these hysterical re-enactments of actual conversations one man has had with his two year old daughter. The catch is that the person playing the role of the two year old daughter is actually another grown man.

Episode 1:


Episode 2:


Love love LOVE them!

The guys over at How To Be A Dad are hosting a live Google+ interview with the stars of the show Friday, June 7th, 2013 at 10am-11am PST / 1-2pm EST. If you’re interested in catching that you can find the details here.

YouTube Viral Videos: Surprise Pregnancy Reveals

I fell down the “surprise pregnancy reveals” rabbit hole of YouTube last night. Please make a mental note to yourself…if you’re ever in need of a pick me up, this rabbit hole is the answer. I found myself crying tears of joy for OTHER peoples babies. The excitement, the newness, it’s all just so happy and wonderful. Here are a few of my favorites that went viral.

1.) We tell the kids.

“My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for over two year. When we learned that we are having twins, we wanted to surprise the girls with a cake. Both of the girls were beyond surprised.”

pregnancy reveal3

2.) Telling the In Laws We’re Pregnant

“The best 60th birthday party EVER!
We wrapped a pair of ‘Grandpas’ shoes in a box with a card and a sonogram picture and captured a moment that will be cherished for many years to come.”:

pregnancy reveal

3.) Mom and Dad We’re PREGNANT

“Watch what happens when I tell my mom she has a surprise coming in September.”

pregnancy reveal2

4.) Mom, I’M PREGNANT!!!!

“I told my mom I was pregnant on her birthday. The gift is a baby onesie with iron on letter spelling “Baby” and our last name.”

pregnancy reveal4

5.) We told Dads they’re going to be Grandpas

pregnancy reveal5

6.) More adorable sisters BEYOND thrilled with mom’s news!:

Baby Reveal

Watching these videos made it abundantly clear I did my pregnancy reveals WRONG…I can’t even remember how I told my family. If there’s a next time you can bet I’ll capture that on video. Although my families reactions will probably be a whole lot less yelling and more like, “Again?? Have you lost your mind?”

How would your family react?