Mama Kat

I’m Kathy.

A sarcastic mother of three (ages 7, 10, and 11) with a busy home daycare that clashes with my desire to do nothing all day.

I’m a has-been English teacher who secretly enjoys fragmented sentences.

My rebellious side.

I love making videos, riding horses, rescuing animals (whether they like it or not),  cooking with my kids, and making people laugh.

I go by Mama Kat, because I’m a mama and I’m Kat and it just felt right putting the two together.

I started blogging privately in August of 2007 as a way to share pictures and stories with family. When they didn’t care I made my blog public and officially fell in love with this online world.

I love that it gives me purpose.

I love that it gives me friends.

And I love that it gives my kids an account of their childhoods so they can look back and see just how and when Mama lost it all.

If they ever learn to read.


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Full Disclosure:

I enjoy writing occasional sponsored posts for products and companies I use and love. Each sponsored post includes a disclosure at the top of the page identifying it as such.