My Family

My Husband:

Local Boy

Super laid back and easy going, Pat was born and raised in Hawaii…specifically Lanai…and then Oahu…and then Lanai again. My very own islander. He knows all he has to do to put a smile on my face is bust out the pidgin English, but you can read all 18 reasons why I love him here.


Our Hapa Babies:
(sidenote: Hapa is a Hawaiian term used to describe a person of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander heritage. There. You learned something.)

Maile was born less than a year after we were married and is 11 years old. Pronounced My-Lee.

She’s sensitive and sweet, laughs at people who hurt themselves, hates needles, introverted like her Mom and Dad, artistic and crafty, thoughtful and slightly manipulative…as only big sisters can be.


Laina was born 19 months later and is 10 years old. Pronounced Lay-nuh.

Laina - 5 Months Old

She’s goofy and funny¬†and the perfect middle ground between her sister and brother. She could make friends with anyone, but is perfectly happy playing on her own and desperately wants to stay a child forever.


26 months later Kainoa blessed our lives. I had a “feeling” I was going to have a boy precisely because I was telling everyone I didn’t want one. He came out and fit right exactly into my arms. I’ve been in love ever since. Kainoa is 7 years old now. Pronounced Ky-no-uh.


He’s rambunctious and crazy, daring and moody. He loves Minecraft, Pokemon and his idea of a good time is being set loose in an arcade with 5 bucks in his pocket. This is the kid that pushes his luck and then charms his way out of trouble. Believe it or not.

kainoa 2